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Dwayne Wade Wallpaper

Get your Dwayne Wade wallpaper here. As usual, here some background /facts/quotes about him. Here’s Dwayne on constant and never ending improvement…

“I’ve only scratched the surface of where I want to be in my career, … And I know one thing, I haven’t won anything yet so there’s a lot more I can do there. But I’m going to continue to get better and do what I can to help my team be the best it can possibly be”

Dwayne Wade is most known for his nickname “Flash” because of his ability to be literally everywhere on the court. He’s really capable of handling the pressure very well. Remember in 2006, how many clutch shots he made? That was unbelievable.

He’s been largely influenced by his wife, Siohvaughn Funches, his daughter, Zaire Blessing and the literary classic, “Pride and Prejudice”. All of which, he says, helped him overcome obstacles, get out of his own way, appreciate life, and let love rule.

I got 17 of them here. Here you go:)


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