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The Rules Of Basketball

It’s important to be aware of all the rules of basketball, the terms, violations, referee signals and more. Sure we know the purpose. And when you look at it, it’s so simple.

Two teams try to outscore each other. They do so, by putting the ball in hoop. The team should prevent the other team of doing so.

I mean, if basketball was so complicated it wasn’t going to be any fun. We all probably know, the majority of the rules out there and I don’t intend to look out these for every single basketball rule there is.

Instead, I did some research and found three reliable sources that I can guarantee you’ll learn something new from. Some things you didn’t know before. And when you do, there is that slight boost in confidence when you know you know little extra than the others.

The last link is about Dr. James Naismith (the inventor of basketball) and his 13 original basketball rules. In case you ever wondered how the game was developed you can click here.

Here, on this page, I provide three other links that are from very reliable sources and I guarantee it that you’ll learn some rules you didn’t know before.

Okay, in my opinion, here are the best links for this…

Who could know better than the NBA?

Wikipedia is one of the most reliable source on the net

The original 13 rules

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The Basketball Terms


Referee Signals

Basketball Court Measurements

Basketball Phrases

Official Basketball Rules

The Current Rules of Basketball

Basketball Fouls

The Basic Rules


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