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Basketball Phrases

Basketball phrases and even the actual terminology can definitely sound unfamiliar to those that are not akin to the game of roundball.

While there are certain phrases that mean the exact same thing but sound and look entirely different is a question of region and locality.

For instance if you say to another player that has just slapped an opposing team players shot into the parking lot “Good D!” that means either that the defense of the player was great and effective or in Atlanta that you are one bad butt baller!

The main onus concerning phrases is that locality reigns supreme and the game has many translations for the same play, good or bad.


Top 5 Phrases


In the game of basketball there are certain phrases that are across the board familiar regardless of where it is you are presently playing.

Do not be fearful of uttering all of these phrases and it matters not where you are dribbling the ball towards the bucket! Every real baller will know exactly where you are coming from and will respond in the usual way, agreement.

1) Air Ball: A very weak shot that failed to draw iron! (Hit the rim or back-board)

If you are in the habit of launching air balls you will either be forced to become a good passer or defender then if that fails a spectator you will be. The air ball label is something that is best left to the younger players on the six-foot rims.

2) Walking/Traveling: Moving the ball and your body while forgetting to dribble.

In the game of basketball, all players must learn and practice continually, dribbling the ball while they move. When you have possession of the ball and you are either looking to shoot or looking to pass to the open man you need to always dribble while moving. If you fail to dribble the ball and take two-steps or move your pivot foot you are guilty of traveling.

3) Slam Dunk: Putting the ball through the hoop with authority!

This is one of the greatest phrases a player can hear regardless of the league played in or the game time situation. A slam dunk is a mark of beauty and there are only a certain amount of players that can pull of this leaping ability.

4) Fast Break: Taking the ball and heading the opposite direction to score an easy basket.

This basketball phrase refers to the concept of an offense being in the open court while the majority of defenders are still on the opposite end of the court. A fast break occurs when an offensive team misses a shot or turns the ball over and the other team has the ball and is racing towards the other goal. The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the NBA teams that have made the fast break a primary part of their offensive game plan.

5) Put Back: A rebound that has been immediately put back into the basket for a goal.

Many times this basketball phrase has been used in association with the larger post players hovering around the goal and cherry picking. The put back is simply the play in which the player closest to the basket A fast break occurs when an offensive team misses a shot.

Many More Basketball Phrases

There are so many other basketball phrases the world over that you will most certainly hear when playing the sport of basketball. All you have to do is match up the play with the correct phrase and you will be set to play the game and talk the talk!



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