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Philippine Basketball

Basketball is very popular in almost all countries, It is the favorite past time of most men as well as women.

So do you think Philippines will be left by this emerging sport? Of course not! Filipinos are fond of playing basketball in fact it is their favorite recreation.

Let me tell you a short story on how Philippine basketball started. Prior to basketball football was the most popular sport in the Philippines but It all changed when basketball was first introduced by the Americans (United States’ Young Men’s Christian Association) in 1900 and it was first played in Intramurous, Manila.

Did the Filipinos excel on this sport? Definitely! 10 years after it was introduced to the Filipinos, Philippines already dominated the Far Eastern Games basketball tournament winning 9 out of 10 games. Amazing right? with just a few span of time Filipinos already where competing with other countries and it is more amazing to know that man are not just the ones who play this sport:)

A proof that Philippines embraced basketball as their most popular sport is this picture. it is a picture of Filipino women, yes you’ve read it correctly women! As early as 1900 women where able to play basketball.

better shooting

This shows that indeed basketball is widely accepted by the people.

Since then basketball never vanished in the Filipinos daily way of living. Philippine basketball until now continues to emerge and Filipinos strive hard to excel in this field. Today Philippines was able to build an association called PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) which is the main local basketball association that Filipinos look up to. Philippine basketball became known to other countries as well.

Philippine Basketball Association is men’s professional basketball league in the Philippines which is composed of 10 company branded franchise team. Thru the teams competing and is visible in the television the basketball in the Philippines still reigns as it’s number one sport.

Why does Filipinos love this sport? It is very much loved by the people because it can be played almost everywhere as long as there is a ring and a ball in short people can have so much fun almost any time they want to. Thru basketball a person can divert their attention to a more productive way rather than doing nonsense stuffs.

What can you get from basketball? Why is it whole heartedly embraced by the Filipinos? It is because one can acquire discipline, determination and patience in this sport because the two is very much needed to win a game. Not just that thru this sport one will be able to maintain a healthy way of living. And the best part about basketball is a tight bond with a team and meeting people.

Thru basketball one can be able to interact with others and build a strong foundation of friendship. One can mingle with his/her team mates as well as to his/her opponents in order to share knowledge about basketball which one can use to improve their skills.

Philippine basketball would surely last for a long time due to the great benefits that one can acquire and because of the camaraderie that it builds:)

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