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Famous Basketball Players in the Philippines

Basketball will never be as fun as it is without the so-called “basketball superstars”.

These so-called superstars are the ones who really excel consistently in every basketball game. However, one cannot be called a superstar without the help of the teammates. That’s why it’s called group effort, you know? Each country has their own basketball superstars.

Even though not popular world wide, the famous basketball players in the Philippines gives inspiration to other people, especially to their countrymen.

Famous basketball players are known for their amazing basketball skills. One may be the best three-pointer, the other may be the best in rebounding. One may be the best center, or best in defense, the others may be the best in free throws, or jump shots, or buzzer-beater shots.

Whatever it may be, these famous basketball players must have something that the others do not have, for them to be famous, to be called a superstar. Want to know who these famous basketball players in the Philippines are? Check this one out.

Carlos “Caloy” Loyzaga is considered the greatest Filipino basketball player of all time. Carlos Loyzaga is also known as the “Big Difference” or the “Great Difference”. He is called the “Big Difference” because he can make a what seems to be a no-more-hope-game to a victory game.

He lead the Philippine team to win four consecutive Asian Games gold medals. His greatest achievement was to lead the Philippine team to finish the third place in the 1954 FIBA World Championship. He was also chosen as one of the World Mythical Five Selection after landing the third leading scorer of the same tournament.

better shooting

Another famous basketball player is Avelino “Samboy” Lim. He wasn’t called the “Sky Walker” for no reason. He literally walks on air. One hand holding the ball, he would literally leap towards the basket, at the same time transfering the ball to the other hand, and end the play with a dunk.

He is not only good in dunking, ha has also amazing dribbling skills, and can shoot a three. He also lead the Philippine team to finish as champions in the 1985-1986 FIBA Asia tournament. He was also chosen as one of the Asia Mythical Five in 1990.Allan Vito Flores Caidic is also considered as one of the greatest basketball players in Philippine basketball history.

He is also called as the “Triggerman” because of his ability to make outside shots despite being heavily guarded. He still holds the record of most points scored in a single game by a Filipino and the most three-point field goals made in a single game.The famous basketball players in the Philippines and the other members of the team inspire other people to strive hard and do their best.

They do not only inspire other people but they also bring honor to the country everytime they represent the Philippines in International Basketball Competitions. Win or Lose, the Filipinos will always be proud of them.



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