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College basketball in the Philippines

Basketball is the sport that is mainly being practiced by the Filipinos.
It is practiced because it is fun and it has a lot of advantages such as the skills one can acquire as well as the attitude they can develop. That is why schools encourage students to enhance their skills in playing basketball.

Schools want students to participate in this sport because they strongly believe that by this sport students are able to enjoy and learn at the same time.

Schools make basketball a part of a student life. In fact basketball competitions are being organized in school. Schools include basketball in a certain subject called physical education wherein students are being introduced to how basketball is being played and the rules that one should know about it.

And the students as a response, enjoys the idea. Most of the students willingly participate in the game.

How does students interest in basketball being maintained? College basketball in the Philippines is being strongly taken care of because the school believes that it can give a lot of opportunity to the students.

The School asks students to watch and cheer in their basketball competitions. The Schools even give scholarships to students who are qualified to enter the basketball varsity team.  Schools are determined to train students for them to be able to perform well and be motivated. The schools give some privilege to those who represent the school.

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College basketball in the Philippines reached so far, competitions of schools against another school are now taking place. It is one of the most awaited events in every school. Interschool competitions are done both in provincial and national level.

In provincial levels the students are being trained since secondary level for them to be able to enhance their skills earlier. In national level, have you heard about UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines) and NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball tournament)?

If not let me tell you something about it. These 2 are the most popular interschool competitions. UAAP is a sports association of eight universities in the Philippines. Each year, teams from these universities play in 15 sports and the main sport played is the basketball. NCAA is held every first semester of the academic year (from June up to October). Each year, eight schools strive to win the two championships: the Juniors and Seniors.


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