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Passion for the Game but no opportunities :( yet faithful and steadfast :)

by Jehanzeb Rouf
(Dammam, Saudi Arabia)

Age =16
height- 5’11
nationality- Indian
residence- Saudi Arabia
I have been playing basketball since I was 7 years old but my parents
never knew I have a passion for this game. They found out
only when I turned 15
that’s the worst bit.
I’m a confident player and I’m proud to say it.
Mates call me the ‘ the three point king’ because of my three pointer
shooting ability.
My average in three pointers is 67.873%
and that of free throws is exactly 74%
my best three point streak has been 26 in a row 🙂
beat that people 😀 lol jk
but sadly because of my location and nationality there have been
no opportunities at all :'(
but still I stand strong for I have faith.
I was about to get in the school team but cause of
dirty politics and money matters I wasn’t taken 🙁 🙁 🙁
I play as shooting guard, point guard and small forward.
I love the game of basketball with all my heart and it has always been my dream to play the game as a career 🙂

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