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I bring determination, talent, drive, and a student mentality

by Jestin Andrews
(hampton, georgia, USA)

My name is Jestin and my passion is basketball. As of now I attend school online at the University of Phoenix. I have a goal of getting the opportunity to play basketball in the NBA. I know thats not going to be easy but I plan to do whatever it takes to get there. I’ve ran into plenty of roadblocks since graduating high school but I think that has matured me on and off the court. Sometimes I feel old because im already 22 years old but I keep practicing cause im still hungry. I look up to nba players like Jamario Moon because just like him I know I might have to take a different route to get to the NBA. I dont doubt my talent but I do doubt my opportunities since im only 5’8. But once I get my opportunity I will bring the necessary tools mentality and physically to practice everyday.


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