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Hidden Gem Always in the Gym Just trying to get to the next level

by Kenneth Strong
(Youngstown, Ohio, United States)

Name: Kenneth Strong

D.O.B: 7/30/92.. 19 years old

Height: 6″3′

Weight: 175

Position: Point Guard/Shooting Guard


Background: I have always been a very good basketball player with tremendous work ethic and will-to-win. My life revolves around basketball. I am a gym rat that works out and tries to get better EVERYDAY! My goal is to play basketball at the college level and then hopefully play at any professional level as I keep improving my game and turning my weaknesses into strengths. I am a strong believer in the saying “hard work pays off”, and I know that if I keep working hard and fighting to reach my goals I will someday be a very successful man because I used basketball as a tool to work my way up.

Player Type: I am a scoring point guard that knows when to pass and when to shoot. I have great ballhandling skills and shooting skills that gives me the advantage of being able to get into the lane at will. I can find open teammates off of penetration and keep the defense honest with my floater or pull-up jumpshot. I also shoot exceptionally well from long range. My defense is above average and I have great anticipation skills so I shoot through passing lanes with speed and purpose. PEOPLE THAT HAVE OVERLOOKED AND PASSED ON ME IN THE PAST WILL SURELY REGRET IT VERY SOON!!!


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