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Basketball in Slovenia

Slovenia is the country in central Europe and has a population of 2.05 million. It’s capital city is Ljubljana.

There are numerous sports played in the country and basketball is one of the most famous. They have their national basketball team that competes internationally.

They have produced several players that has qualified and played for the world’s top league, the NBA. To name them, one would be Primoz Brezec who played from 2001 to present. Goran Dragic who started on 2008 until present. Bostjan Nachbar played from 2002-2007. The veteran center Radoslav Nesterovic who joined the NBA on 1998 and last played on 2009. Beno Udrih who debuted on 2004 and currently playing. The famous Sasha Vujacic who started his NBA career on 2004 up until now.

Slovenian National Basketball Team

The Slovenian National Basketball Team is the official team that is selected by the Basketball Federation of Slovenia to represent the country in competing in international tournaments and events. They always competed at European Basketball Championship since the day of their independence.

On January 10, 1992, Basketball Association of Slovenia became a member of the International Basketball Association, FIBA. Their first game was on May 20, 1992 which they played against Croatia.Their performance in Eurobasket is gradually improving. As they started in 1993, their standing in the Eurobasket has improved almost every year.

In 2009, they finished 4th and showed that they have the potential to compete with international standard and world class teams. They appeared in Eurobasket 9 times but unfortunately, they haven’t won any medals since they started.

They were placed 6th in the last 2005 Eurobasket which qualifies them to advance in the FIBA World Championship 2006. Their FIBA World ranking is 17th and they joined FIBA since 1992. Their national federation that organizes and handles the team is the Basketball Federation of Slovenia.

They have qualified for the FIBA World Championship only two times, one on 2006 and the other is 2010. On 2006 FIBA World Championship, they ended the tournament number 12th on the standings and numer 8th on the 2010 FIBA World Championship. They have not yet qualified for the Summer Olympics.

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