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66 85 kilograms Nigerian player born 27 November 1986

by Hycent Brown

Position: 2/3
_ Presently I train with the FCT basketball team in Abuja Nigeria
_azpac basketball team cotonuo, Republic of Benin (2008_2009)
_East Lothian Peregrines Edinburgh Scotland(2006_2007)
-Union Bank basketball team Lagos(2006)
-Abia State(2005)
-Lagos state (2000-2004)
_Stats (2002): 17.8 ppg, 10.5 rbg, 2.3 blocks per game, 3 apg, 2.0 steals per game.
Additional info:
-Attended Felix Akiga basketball camps (1997-98) – MVP, Middle Belt Zone, then as a result recruited at young age to Customs as a bench player
-Played State Intercity Basketball Tournament – MVP for 3 years, Slam Dunk title for 2 of the 3 years.
-Played in sprite ball basketball competition organized by the Coca cola industry
-Desires possible recruitment to where quality bball is played in Europe or Canada/USA college or professional.
Contact: E-mail:
Phone :+2347037873603,+2347058272735
2003-2004: while playing in Lagos State I handled the coaching job of St.Saviours Academy.
Head basketball coach Lagos state
Phone :+2348086107682
:Steven Duff
:Head coach men’s basketball
:East Lothian Peregrines Basketball club Edinburgh
Phone :+447814289811

nb: pls kindly ensure you reply directly to my private email: , thanks.


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