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WNBA Seattle Storm

“Our team got better when we started thinking about selecting Sue Bird.” – Dunn

There is a plethora of reasons for the dominance of the WNBA Seattle Storm and we could talk all day about this phenomenal dynasty.

The conversation would waver from excellent recruiting to top-notch player development as well as a very solid team ownership and management style. We consider there to be only one shining moment in the development of this perennial, timely reigning WNBA World Championship team and that is Sue Bird.

As Goes Bird

When you look at great players of the men’s NBA brother league of the WNBA, you can think about Larry Bird as well as Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan and Lebron James. These players not only put their respective teams on the full of their shoulders but are seen as the responsible factors for their continued winning ways.

This is where the analogy of Sue Bird of the Seattle Storm and those great all-world players of the NBA starts to show similarities and factors that make the WNBA Seattle Storm such a shining light in a league of female championship caliber team’s and players.

Seattle Dominance

Of course, we are very biased to the player that is Sue Bird of the Seattle Storm and not only because of her brilliant play but because of her off-court activities and her philanthropic nature, which places her far above most of the women of the WNBA. If you want to know more about Susan Bird from Connecticut then please peruse around the site a bit and click on over to the biography of this great Storm player.

Great Winning Model

The WNBA Seattle Storm basketball team although not a founding team member came into the league will with a very simple and basic winning basketball plan of action. First, they would hire only the best collegiate basketball coach that money could buy or that was available and surround that head coach with an excellent set of assistant coaches all the way down to the strength and conditioning coaches of the Seattle Storm.

From that point on a workman-like regiment that included some of the biggest names in both collegiate women’s basketball and the international professional basketball was enacted and set in place.
Seattle Washington Fever

What is the benefit of all those hard working people and the millions of dollars as well as an unwavering dedication and an undying fan base support from the Pacific Northwest most specifically the Seattle, Washington area? Perennial championships and currently the 2010 WNBA World Champions – Seattle Storm, is the benefit of all that hype and action and blood, sweat and cheers.

Please have a look below at what we consider the best day in the history of the Debbie WNBA Seattle Storm with the signing of Sue Bird from the Connecticut Huskies in 2002.

APRIL 19 2002

University of Connecticut Husky point-guard Sue Bird was the Seattle Storm’s No. 1 Draft Choice. This was right after Bird was selected as the Naismith Player of the Year and after leading her Huskies to the second of her two NCAA Basketball Championships.

Back to Back to Back?

The WNBA Seattle Storm is much more than just little ole’ Sue Bird. We understand this but as an essential plug-in the entire machinery that is churning out WNBA World Championships on a back-to-back level it is hard to say that without Sue Bird how far would and will the Seattle Storm go into the future?


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