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WNBA Basketball Players

Of all the WNBA basketball players, there is one that is considered to be the bell of the ball, the basketball that is, and that beauty of a player and person is the All-Pro Guard from the World Champion Seattle Storm, Sue Bird.

Wearing number 10 and hailing from the basketball hotbed of the NE Connecticut, this feisty sharpshooting guard is considered by some the best player in the WNBA, arguably that is.

Please have a quick look at Sue Bird’s 2010 statistics and you be the judge on just how pivotal and how much of an impact this wonderful player has had on not only the league but her team, the Seattle Sound.

2010 Statistics

• PPG 11.1 • RPG 2.70 • APG 5.8

Solid play would be an understatement indeed for this professional with the smile that would and does light up entire stadiums. As one of the premier and most-beloved of the WNBA basketball players, Sue Bird has elevated both her game each year and the level of play of all those that attempt to stop her searing drives to the basket.

WNBA Players

Sue Bird was born to hard-working professional parents on October 16, 1980 and almost immediately showed athletic ability and interest even as a three-year old barely able to bounce her first Boston Celtic basketball.

As you can easily see, Sue Bird plays the game of professional basketball with the precision of a surgeon and the finesse of a ballerina. Although not many WNBA basketball players would appreciate being compared to a tiny and seemingly breakable ballerina we feel that Sue would think kindly of those words as it takes extreme athleticism to be able to move on the floor and on the basketball court and this is exactly what Sue Bird does each night.


Sweet Woman Sweet Jumper

Of all the WNBA basketball players that are actively playing in the league, it is diminutive Sue Bird, with her trademark smile and her charismatic personality that has won over millions of adoring fans both female and male. It doesn’t hurt when you happen to have the look of a model and the jump-shot of well, a professional basketball player!

better shooting


Sky is Limit

The sky is most definitely the limit for Sue Bird and not just as a one of the finest WNBA basketball players ever to grace the court. As of right now Bird is a member of the female USA basketball team that is currently competing for the FIBA World Title in the Czech Republic. With a perfect 6-0 record after handing the Australian team a solid defeat, 83-75 and remained atop their division with the showing.


Many Stars in This League

Sue Bird is not the only dynamic player that is approaching heroine-status in the world professional sports category as there are a few other highly-gifted athletes that make up the world of WNBA basketball players. For starters there is the reigning MVP of 2010 and a teammate of Sue Birds on both the World Champion Seattle Storm as well as the hopefully World Champion USA team, none other than the wondrous and beautiful as well Lauren Jackson.

Full Mantle

While Lauren Jackson’s mantle is already full, she would love nothing better than to bring home the gold for her beloved USA team and show her undying support for her country. The combination of Bird and Jackson along with the other Seattle and USA teams makes for what looks like a dynasty of epic proportions for the professional as well as internationally professional basketball players.


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