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WNBA Scoreboard

When fans and basketball players need to know where to look for the score of the game, they turn to the scoreboard for that timely information.

As with all of the NBA arenas that are found throughout the United States and Canada the WNBA has arenas as well and in each of these arenas there exists a Jumbo-Tron big-screen scoreboard.

Big Screen Big Games

While we only wanted to give you a little obvious background information on the area of the arena or on the television or these days on the Internet where you can locate the score of a televised WNBA game we understand that you have known this information for years as a fan of the game of roundball.

The topic of this page is the WNBA scoreboard and although literally that does refer to the always over-sized screen with all the pretty numbers in lights displayed upon its panels we will speak a little bit about the 2010 season and the scoreboard in that regard.

Seattle Wins Championship

The 2010 WNBA basketball season was really one in which all of the teams, collectively, really lite-up the scoreboard! Of course in the end it was the first real and viable dynasty to be, the Seattle Storm that took it all and went back to the friendly confines of the Queen City in Seattle.

This championship team was led by the wonderful and ultra-talented Sue Bird who is the spark plug for the team and a model for up-and-coming young basketball players all across the United States of America. With a lineup that included the 2009 MVP of the season and the championship series the Seattle Storm blew past the Atlanta Dream three games to zero and made the scoreboard part of the entire repertoire of American professional sports on TV and the Internet.

Sue Bird

We must understand that the WNBA is still considered a fledgling-league and as much needs superstar potential and the WNBA scoreboard to be lit up each and every night in order to survive. With beautiful basketball female players such as Sue Bird it would seem that most of the men who play basketball and are fans of the sport that these women are just what the doctor ordered. If it was up to us ask college basketball stars the league that is the WNBA would be welcome in our city any day anytime of the year. Especially Sue Bird.

Lighting Up

The WNBA scoreboard will continue to be lit up all way through 2011 and 2012 as the league has signed lucrative contracts with all of the major television networks including ESPN to broadcast most of the games through the next 24 months.

This is great news for the WNBA since each and every year it is a hill they must climb in order to just survive. If you would like to catch a game or two and see the WNBA scoreboard light-up and cheer for your favorite team in this exciting game then all you need to do is catch the television schedule and your are all set!


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