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WNBA Records

Although the WNBA is only six seasons old there are still some fantastic WNBA records for this all-female league that rivals some of the top stats in the big boy league that is the NBA.

While it is important to understand that the game is 100% the same for both men and women overall it is the WNBA players that have higher shooting percentages per player and per team as well as across-the-board higher free-throw percentages for this young upstart all-female league.

Excitement Galore

Of course everyone loves a highflying slam dunk brought to you by the National Basketball Association star players such as Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James but when looking at the records there are some eye-opening stats that leap off the page with thrill and excitement as well!

For instance there is All-Pro perennial forward Diana Taurasi who holds the most field goals in a season at 298 and this came during the 2005 2006 in the all-girl WNBA season. Taurasi is just one of many players that hold some form of WNBA record and we will take a look at some of those players right here and right now in this review.

The NBA has the top 10 with two players in the 90th percentile and the remaining eight at 85% or around that number for the remaining record holders for free throw percentages. It is important to realize also that this is the woman’s game of basketball and inasmuch there is a bit of a drop-off with exciting slam-dunk and high-flying plays. Still, the level of competition is extremely high and very professional indeed.


The records for the women’s game are also impressive on the field goal shooting percentage side with many players over 80%! As mentioned earlier this is easy to see that the women’s game and the WBA records for the female version of basketball professional basketball tends to favor the women when it comes to sharpshooting guards and especially on the free-throw line.


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