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WNBA Lesbians

Ever since the beginning of the all-female league that is the WNBA, the question about homosexuality has been raised and raised higher than ever seen in the past in professional sports.

Besides an all female professional softball team or maybe volleyball team the WNBA lesbians issue at first glance seems a good fit and a decent suspect for a high number of lesbian action affairs within the ranks of this rather young league of women.

Diana Taurasi

Even though we do not want to start rumors about any player’s sexual orientation, for many years’ players and fans alike had to read between the lines in order to figure out who is gay or not in the WNBA.

While it is true that recently WNBA star Diana Taurasi made some comments that had everyone wondering if she is in fact a lesbian, the bottom-line is that she did not come out and just say it. No longer is it easy and black and white point out lesbian than any stat especially in the uniform wear and no jewelry allowed in no butts jeans and black boots dressed out for a WNBA basketball.

Unless an athlete in this basketball league comes out and makes a public statement addressing the situation about her sexual orientation we can only wait for the inquirer photo that shows two women locked in a conquest or just make assumptions which we would rather not do especially a with something unimportant as an individual private sexual orientation.

The Role of Homophobia and Sports

The reality that is a very stark reality for many fans and players alike of the WNBA remains that it is risky to come out of the closet regarding us of your professional affiliation. The world of sports especially professional sports is still a bastion of homophobic reactions and a male-dominated economic as well as entertainment-wise entity.

Will this change any time soon? We don’t think so as individuals will be individuals and people will always love the gossip and this is especially true of our professional theme athlete in the WNBA.

WNBA is Fun to Watch

Do we like this and it is this a necessary action for those that need to have some spice in your life? Of course not and we feel that there is no room for bigotry or homophobic reactions and where in the world especially on the court while we were close to being joined the physical attributes and the excellence and athletic ability and team sportsmanship that the players of this wonderful we have to offer.

It is never good to ostracize a player for their sexual orientation and especially in this new modernistic error where we are supposed to be understanding and accepting of all individuals regardless of their personal and private behaviors.

Not Illegal to be a Lesbian

The last time we checked it was not illegal to be a lesbian and the last time we checked the sport of basketball does not have a scoring system that awards points or take points away for one sexual orientation. The best way to go about enjoying a deadly NBA game that may or may not be full of WNBA lesbians is to just forget about it and watch the bloody game.

In this way you will not be bothered or bogged down with water in a way for fresh athlete, who happens to be an exquisite model of femininity wrapped in an athletic shell with the sport as big as the Colosseum, is kissing a girl or kissing a boy. All you have to do is worry about one thing if your worrier and that is if she can hit that shot fall away with two defenders in her face and kissed the glass?


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