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Vince Carter Profile

There comes a time in every NBA player’s career where it is time to throw it down. For this page we will look at one of the most ballyhooed coming out of college players the NBA has ever seen and we will break down some of this players most spectacular dunks.

This Vince Carter best dunks special is all about the man from theOrlando Magic who came to the Sunshine Statethrough New Jersey and before that Toronto.

Air Canada

Please have a quick look at the specifics of one ‘Vincent Carter’ and we will be right back to speak a little about this most impressive-man and baller for the NBA.

Born: Jan 26, 1977
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight: 220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
College: North Carolina
Years Pro: 12
Current Team: Orlando Magic
Number: 15
Position: Guard

As you can see, Carter is no Shorty and has the body of well, a professionalbasketball player. That frame has propelled this man through the air and has enabled him to create some of the most spectacular displays of dunking thebasketball the NBA has ever seen.

Of course, there are always the immortal dunking skills of Dr. Julius Erving andMichael Jordan as well as King James that are quite spectacular in their own right but we are talking about Vincent Carter in this posting.

Vince Carter (2000)

It was in the early part of Carters NBA career when he cemented his place into the annals of NBA dunking greatness. It was during a mid-season game against the Lakers when carter unleashed a mind-blowing – 360 degreewindmill, behind the baseline, through the legs and “the elbow,” absolute Vinsanity dunk.

Dunk of Death

That dunk was so impressive that it launched Vince Carter into the All-Star Game theatrics and the annual NBA Slam-Dunk competition. Carter would not win that year as he had to go up against the like of Michael Jordan and that was never any fun or never had a chance to win for most concerned.

better shooting

Vincent Carter would have his day at the dunking competition and that would come in 2000 against his cousin Tracey McGrady. The dunk that sent the fans into ecstasy and would eventually give Carter the title is now forever known as the Dunk of Death.


While not every dunk that Vincent Carter creates can be as spectacular as the Death Dunk of 2000, it is not from a lack of effort on Carters’ part. Air Canada always puts in work especially when it comes to his signature dunking skills.


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