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Michael Jordan Wallpapers

Is there any Michael Jordan fans? Are you one? Care for some Michael JordanWallpapers? Nice! Isn’t it amazing how everybody is trying to be like Mike but they can’t.

People can easily read through that “persona” and see that they are not genuine.

Michael is the real deal. He is not trying to be something he is not. He’s Jordan. That’s why his brand will stay for ages. I think every other player (including LeBron James) should strive to be their best they can be and not following anybody else.

Not trying to be something like that because no matter how good you imitate someone, you can’t possibly be better than the original.

Even David Beckham (the soccer guy), he is really famous here in Europe, I’m not sure how famous he is in America.

He’s in totally different sport and he changed his jersey from 7 to 23.

He is the master. The guy that perfected the game. The best player of all time. The one and only MJ. Okay, take a look..

For your convenience I’ve included a thumbnail of each wallpaper here so that you can browse through every wallpaper and quickly find your favorite.


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