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Michael Jordan Suit

The question of the day happens to have nothing to do with the sport of professional basketball.

What it does have a lot to do with is one of the best NBA ballplayers ever to lace up a pair ofChuck Taylors or to be politically correct with this posting, Air Jordan’s. Exactly where does Michael Jordan, one of sports best-dressed athletes get those incredibly astute suits?

Perfection Personified

Not only did Michael Jordan look great on the court but off the court as well. With many thanks to his tailor, Alfonso Burdi who told many reporters that Michael Jordan orders four to six suits a week from the Chicago tailor. One would think that with the salary Michael is making he would just order handmade, designer suits but that is not the case according to his tailor.

Alfonso Burdi said it all started when Michael Jordan asked the Chicago Bullstrainer where he got his clothes and the trainer said he would take Michael to the tailor shop that makes all his clothes.

Custom Made Suits

At first, Michael Jordan was hesitant about getting a custom-made suit at the family-owned tailor shop because he had a bad experience with a tailor in the past. However, when Alfonso, owner of the tailor shop said to MJ that he would make a custom-made tailor suit at no charge—Jordan thought he had nothing to lose.

better shooting

Michael Jordan’s Super Fashion Secrets

When Michael Jordan tried on the suit, he loved it so much he ordered seventeen on the spot and has been placing orders every week since then. Alfonso said that Michael comes to the tailor shop with tons of great ideas for his new suits–some ideas from other designers and some of his own.

Alfonso said Michael is passionate about clothes and he thinks the love even rivals that for what MJ has for the game of basketball. If anyone has the guts to ask Alfonso, what Michael does with all those suits, he will probably say that he thought that Michael donated many older suits to charities.

If you happen to possess Michael Jordan’s measurements, you would be one lucky person to have some of his own designed suits!


The Michael Jordan suit is one that shouts class and demands respect no matter what venue the NBA legend happens to occupy. We all realize that MJ spends a ton of time giving, both his money and his time and his love.

The love that Jordan has demonstrated not only to the sport of basketball but to the needy people of Chicago shows just how caring and considerate thisbasketball genius really happens to be.

His Royal Airness

The world is still Michael Jordan’s stage and anytime he steps out into it, he shines. The Michael Jordan suit is one that fits the man to a T. There is never a wrinkle, a mistake, or an ill-fitting drapery hastily flung on after a day at the local youth center.

When Sir Jordan, his Royal Airness, steps out, it is in a suit that befits the man and not vice-versus.


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