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Michael Jordan Restaurant

Once upon a time in the United States of America there was a young boy who adored the game of basketball, eventually that is.

Such as could easily be the storyline and the opening scene of one of the most beloved professional basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan. In today’s post we will look at one of the side ventures of this fantastic and multifaceted entertainment icon.

Michael Jordan’s Restaurant which was located in downtown Chicago was a multi-level restaurant and sports bar located at 500 N. LaSalle Street. This fine dining establishment was the talk of the Windy City especially during the heyday of Michael Jordan and his career with the Chicago Bulls.

It never hurts a restaurants image when the owner happens to be a three-time defending world champion basketball player for the same city in which the restaurant was first established.


From the period of 1993 until 1999 the Michael Jordan Restaurant was one of the most popular vacation spots in all of Chicago for the millions of individuals that came to this Windy City to do more than to catch Michael score 50 points on the Knickerbockers.

Besides offering some of the best ambience and Bull’s history as well as Jordan sports from a larger-than-life iconic basketball player, Michael Jordan, the restaurant had a decent menu with affordable prices and very interesting interior decorating to say the very least.

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Menu and Attractions

Michael Jordan’s restaurant started out as a sporty and casual hotspot that served up a great variety of American table fare such as a very good steak, the filet of sole, pasta, hamburgers, ribs, chicken, pork chops, and great freshly prepared salads. One of the house specials was right from Michael Jordan lovely wife Julia and was called Julia’s Macaroni and Cheese.

We are still certain that Mrs. Jordan serves her husband this tasty cheesy delicious concoction of melted cheese and butter and macaroni all swished around and piled high for everyone to enjoy! It’s important to realize that just because a restaurant happens to share the name of one of the world’s most well-known sports figures in the world and added to that the restaurant is in the Windy City, it is still deserving of being treated like a grand eating excursion.

It is too bad that the restaurant has gone the way of Michael Jordan basketball career, retired, but the building still stands as a reminder of the heydays of the Chicago Bulls and the Michael Jordan-era that came and went too fast for any of the fans of this great man, basketball player and restaurant.

Retirement Sadness

The eventuality of the restaurant going under was something that Michael Jordan had talked about from the very start when the doors were opened in 1993.

No one really knows why Michael decided to close the restaurant exactly one full day after he retired from the National Basketball Association and from the Bulls for the second time but individuals close to the Jordan business mogul has said that he wanted to really retire and that included from the restaurant business as well.

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These days the only way to get a good macaroni and cheese bowl in the city of Chicago is if you call Mrs. Michael Jordan and see if she can mix you up a helping of that crazy mac and cheese.

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