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Michael Jordan Quotes

Some Michael Jordan quotes I’ve taken out of his interviews..

“More kids coming in today are looking into the business side for what their skills can provide for instead of looking for what the game can provide for them”

Listen to this quote, this one is my FAVORITE of all the Michael Jordanquotes..

“Myself! If I can really elaborate on why, is because a lot of times I have to battle with myself in order to keep challenging myself. When asked, who’s your favourite guy to play against”

“When I first got to Chicago I started to feel enthusiasmcoming from the city. The motivation they gave me every day to go to my job, even if you look outside is 5 degrees temperature out there

“As a parent, you must simplify as much as possible. To show them that either way I love you if you miss that shot. It’s tougher for me than you because my oldest son thinks that he should be the next Michael Jordan”

“Being afraid on the court, means you’re not confident of your skills”

“What’s important to me is that, when I was given this opportunities away from the game, these endorsements or contracts I signed, it never affected my game.

“The unknown is very very intriguing to us. We learn as we move forward. We learn from the past and we try to project the future. Where we gonna be in 20/21 years? I don’t know. That’s the beauty of creativity. But we gonna keep striving to get things better and better

better shooting

“When they start comparing who’s the best of all time, I never can accept that. Mainly because there’s a lot of old guys that influenced my game. If I didn’t see those guys, there is no way my game would’ve evolved”

“I want to stand here on the court because I wanna let myself know that I’m the last guy that’s standing on it after the game has been played” – when asked why are you standing on the court when the game is finished”

“I’m basically using his physical aggressiveness against him” – when asked, what are you doing if a guy comes up”

Out of all Michael Jordan quotes, I think this is the best for the parents..

“I think that’s what separates the good players from great players. Great players are there to take those shots. The good players are there to pass the ball to the great players. – when asked to comment about the buzzer beater”.

“For a competitive junky like me, golf is a great solution. Because it smacks you in the face every time you think you have accomplished something”

“It’s a heavy duty to go out there and try to please everybody. My job was to play the game of basketball the best way I can and provide entertainment to those who want to watch the game of basketball – when asked why doesn’t he talk about political or social issues and be like Mohammed Ali for example”

‘A lot of basketball players today are overpaid and it influences their game and work ethics in a negative way. They’ve been given things they haven’t earned and I think the game has been cheated…”

“The sport is a tool that teaches. It can teach you bad things, it can teach you good things. It’s important how you perceive those things. So I’ve looked into every experience I had, positive and negative and turn in into a positive one”

“When you come in the NBA you have the knowledge of your coach and your talent. And you have to blend that”

“Motivating to me is the unknown. No one knows. You know, they can all speculate but no one really knows. I didn’t know and I didn’t let that to stop me. That motivated me more than anything.”



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