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Michael Jordan Foundation

The Michael Jordan Foundation in Chicago closed over a full decade ago and it is still recalled with fond memories by all of the lives that it touched.

The closing was termed a realignment really since the sister organization, The James Jordan Boys and Girls Club and Family Life Center, otherwiseknown as The Club, mirrored the Foundationand two was proving to be one too many to handle for the Jordanfamily.

The results of theclosing were immediately felt as sadness swept over the city and the fans of the superstar and the Bulls all lamented this painful decision.

Deloris Jordan President and Cofounder of MJF

The founder and main benefactor Michael Jordan and his mother, Deloris Jordan, president and cofounder of MJF, saw that it had become very demanding being in charge of all the comings and goings of two separate but extremely-similar organizations and decided to work with only one, according to a written statement.

The Club was organized and co-founded by Michael Jordan’s mother, Deloris Jordan in a perpetually-given homage to the superstar’s late father, James Jordan. The senior Jordan passed away in 1994 the same year that The Club was created.

Founded in 1989

The Jordan Foundation was founded in 1989. The Chicago-based, not-for-profit organization was created in order to touch and positively-impact children in need by providing grants and services to philanthropic organizations that benefit these types of youth in Chicago and nationally. In 1995, TheFoundation gave more than $1 million to more than 20 groups.

better shooting

Definite Hall of Famer

In perfect Michael Jordan form and goodwill, the retired NBA star and definite Hall of Famer to be did what he thought was the right thing and transferred all of the assets as well as the debt from The Michael Jordan Foundation to The Club.

Michael Jordan could have utilized large and very lucrative tax loopholes and such but in the course of any business that has bore the name of Jordan there has never been one instance of negative business practice. This is what made Michael Jordan one of the most-beloved and trusted public figures in not only the Chicago area but the United States and the world.

Michael Jordan Foundation

The Michael Jordan Foundation served so many needy and desperate children it is downright frightening to think what the children and the struggling parents, some of which would have either been homeless or remained sick and ill, would have done without the services of the organization? So many times it is the appreciation after the fact that is so hard to deal with and understand.

Michael Jordan is a brilliant man as well as a wonderful athlete and inasmuch he made certain that all of the associated children and the parents of those children that the center touched were made aware of the parameters of theclosing of The Michael Jordan Foundation.

They were to be told in person by a ranking board member and not just aletter or a phone call that the reasons for the closing had not one thing to do with these precious children and needy adults.


No Good-Byes

It is hard to imagine a world without a Michael Jordan in it and we here would not like to even think that way. It was difficult enough to say good-bye to number 23 on that fateful last game that MJ played for the Chicago Bulls. Hopefully and with the grace of God we all will not have to say good-byeanytime soon to the man that helped rebuild the Spirit of Chicago, MJ.


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