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Michael Jordan Dunking

Plug Michael Jordan dunking in to any search engine and there will be 1.1 million links showing his infamous dunking escapades. He is considered the greatest basketball player to ever don a pair of sneakers. He is arguably the most prolific scorer, the most fearsome defender and by far the best dunker.

Shelves are filled with large volumes of books and videos showingMichael Jordan Dunking. The image of him taking flight toward the rim is everywhere and the most recognize logo in the world.

He has his own line of clothing, shoes andsneakers under the Nikeumbrella and remains as one of the top-selling athletes, even though he retired six years ago. Dr. J and others came before him but Michael Jordan but he elevated the dunk to an art form. His mastery of the skill left mouth agape and watchers mystified.

He challenged physics with his hangtime in the air and his ability to rise a second time during the jump; he would have to duck his head so it did not hit the rim. Watching Michael Jordan can be compared to watching Picasso paint, Yo Yo Ma play or Elvis sing. His dunking mastery helped propel the NBA to the next level. The battles with Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Detroit Pistons, and Los Angeles Lakers are one of the golden ages of the NBA.

He came into the league in 1984 and immediately started the dunk craze. Fans good not enough of his exploits were coming out in droves to see Michael Jordan dunk. He became a fan favorite as a prolific scorer and he quickly earned the nickname “Air Jordan” and “His Airness”. He won back-to-back slam-dunk championships in 1987 and 1988.

The 1988 slam-dunk featuring the duel between Dominique Wilkins,” The Human Highlight Film”, and Michael Jordan, “His Airness” featured some of the nest dunks in the history of the contest. Dominique Wilkins, the power dunker vs. Michael Jordan, the artful dunker squared off and laid down some immortal dunks that will be referenced forever.

better shooting

The crowd was on its feet for the whole contest as each participant tried to out do the other. Dominique Wilkins may have been the winner but it was hard to bet against the hometown boy and Michael Jordan was crowned the champion. He brought style and entertainment to the slam-dunk. He added excitement and pizzazz to the throwdown, flush, slam and introduced the audience to posterizing the opponent. is a website dedicated to dunking and Michael Jordan is thecenterpiece. He is the “God of Dunking” and will always be icon others will be compared to.

Among his thousands of dunks the most impressive may have been in the 1991 playoffs, against the NY Knicks. Michael Jordan, 6’6’, shook off two Knick defenders with an impressive baseline spin move and elevated up and over seven foot Patrick Ewing, sealing his title as the greatest slam-dunk artist of all time. The list of who Michael Jordan has dunked on is endless.

It is a who’s who of basketball greats including Charles Barkley, Sidney Moncrief, Larry Nance, the 1984 slam-dunk champion, Julius Erving, Sam Perkins, Patrick Ewing, Cliff Robinson and Kenny Anderson to name a few. Visityoutube, type Michael Jordan dunking in the search bar, grab a soda and some popcorn.

The afternoon will be filled with highlights from the greatest basketball player to ever live. From clips of the slam-dunk contest to live game video the pure amazement of watching Michael Jordan dunk transcends what any human being should be capable of performing.


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