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Top 5 Michael Jordan Commercials of All Time

In the early 80s and all the way through to the late 90s no star athlete has commanded so much attention as MJ in the marketplace.

Although it does not take a marketing executive to understand the buying power and the star power of aMichael Jordan it is important to realize that this superstar from themean streets of Chapel Hill, North Carolina really fits the mold of what every advertiser wants and dreams of in a sports marketing figure.

Persistent Marketing

Today we’re going to have a quick look at the top five Michael Jordancommercials of all time and although your list may alter a bit and be at timesfar different the point is that Michael Jordan is a turnout when it comes to advertising sneakers and other consumer-related sports items.

What’s curious about Michael Jordan and his signature trademark appeal is that even after a decade after the commercial spots were seen on television and heard on radio commercials the Nike line of shoes are still going stronger than ever.

This is called persistent marketing in the advertising market place and this has everything to do with Michael Jordan’s name and exactly what he’s done in the and for the sport of basketball.

Best Spots Ever

Now without further delay we will run down the top five Michael Jordancommercials of all time and we will start this review off with what is widely regarded as the best commercial for sports basketball players of all time in Michael versus Michael.

• Gatorade Michael Jordan vs. Michael Jordan

In addition to being globally regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan is also revered for being a ruthless competitor.

One has to recall that at the time of this airing (Michael Jordan versus Michael Jordan) commercial there were three or four bona-fide superstars in the NBA. Along with Michael Jordan there were Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Dominique Wilkins all sharing the spotlight but only one remaining king of the day in the marketplace and that was and to a degree still remains Michael Jordan.

better shooting

This Michael Jordan versus Michael Jordan Gatorade commercial showed a younger Michael taken on the veteran Michael with the young Tar Heel decked out in his University of North Carolina powder blue and white uniform. In the end it was the elder statesman Chicago Bulls uniform wearing Michael Jordanthat stole the show and this is rated as one of the top Michael Jordancommercials of all time.

• McDonald’s Bird vs. Jordan

Although Larry Bird peaked a few years earlier than Michael, it’s not a giant stretch to say that these two guys, along with the Los Angeles Lakers star forward Magic Johnson, ushered in the modern style of basketball after arelatively dormant period during the mid to late-70’s.

While the Michael Jordan vs. Larry Bird dynamic was never as captivating as the Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson match ups, there was something compelling about seeing two players with such different styles and lineages competing to be the very best. Please just try to ignore the fact that it was an ad for McDonalds and let it stand on its own merits.

• How Michael Defy Gravity Spot for Nike?

In this commercial featuring the director Spike Lee as the ubiquitous “Mars Blackman” the most remarkable part of the entire commercial was the amount of time that Michael Jordan seemingly palmed the head of Mars Blackman just like a basketball!

Anything to sell shoes and this spot worked so well that they (Nike) ran a sequel to the defying gravity Nike shoes Mars Blackman spot which did not do so well two years later. This marked the decline of interest in the Michael Jordan market phenomenon and ushered in the new stars of the basketball shoe world in droves.

• Be Like Mike Gatorade

Gatorade, along with Nike was more than able to turn one sportsperson into the face of their company, with fantastically-successful results. This advertisement from Gatorade was so successful that it spread across the world like wildfire and became its own pop culture catchphrase, getting dropped in Sportscenter telecasts and on basketball courts the globe over.


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