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Michael Jordan as a Rookie

In order to understand the impact that one player has had on one team, one must roll back the clock. We take you back today to 1984 and the height of the splendid 80s decade where big hair was in and Michael Jordan had just entered the NBA draft.

MJ, otherwise known as just plain oldMichael Jordan was recruited into North Carolina’s esteemed Tar Heel basketballprogram and rewarded that university with back-to-back NCAA National Champions in his junior and senioryears. After that run, it was straight off to the NBA and the Chicago Bulls as well as legendary status.

Deep Impact

The impact that Michael Jordan has had especially when speaking of Michael Jordan as a rookie has not been duplicated so far in the league that is the National Basketball Association. When Michael Jordan entered the NBA draft in 1984, he was selected number three behind Hakeem Olajuwon for Houston and Sam Bowie of the Portland Trail Blazers.

Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls new team had won only 28 games in the previous 198384 NBA season and was looking for a spark to say the very least.

A Star is Born

The Bulls got much more than that as there is no debate or argument on whether or not Michael Jordan’s presence in the NBA and for the Chicago Bulls was the greatest thing we have ever seen as a collective world in the sport of professional basketball.

Michael Jordan spellbound us the moment he stepped foot on the Chicago Bulls famous floor and altered the way professional basketball, especially the National Basketball Association, looked at and treated its most fantastic gravity-defying player’s.

Learning to Spread his Wings

Since this posting is about Michael Jordan as a rookie sensation, we will pick up where we left off with young in MJ being drafted third by the Chicago Bulls in 1984. The first professionalbasketball game that Michael Jordan played in was against the Washington Bullets on Oct. 26, 1984.

After that, wonderful although limited display of basketball prowess, in which Michael scored very little because he played very little, the rest of the season built upon itself.

better shooting

Immediate Turnaround

By the time, it was midseason the Chicago Bulls had equaled their mark of all wins for the previous year and had even added a few extra to meet the midway point of the 1984 season with 38 wins.

Michael Jordan had an immediate impact in the league and proved that he belonged among the NBA’s most elite players. Michael Jordan finished his rookie season as one of the top scorers in the league, averaging 28.2 points per game, and was named Rookie of the Year while making the All-Star team as well.

Playoffs Every Year MJ Played

The Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls made it into the playoffs in every year including Michael Jordan rookie season in which this wonderful professional basketball player graced us all with his presence on the hardwoods of the NBA. It was not until his seventh season in the league that he took the Chicago Bulls to the 1991 NBA Finals, which started a three-peat from 91 to 93 for the Chicago Bulls.