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Magic Johnson Biography

I hope you gonna enjoy this Magic Johnson biography. Truly nice guy. NBA legend, businessmen, philanthropist, advocate for HIV/AIDS and a great man.

Inspiration for Kobe Bryant. He’s said thatMichael Jordan has always been the master for him but Magic was the one he always looked up to.

Born in 1959, he never really had enough money. That is to say, his family was poor. His dad worked 2 jobs. During the day he worked in an auto factory and at night he hauled trash just tomake some extra money.

Earvin was helping him as much as he could but his first love has always been basketball. (and a good thing it has been otherwise this Magic Johnson biography wouldn’t have evolved:)

I talked about him in this Larry Bird profile – (opens a new window) a little bit, but how can I not talk? Those two guys gave us one of the greatest rivalries this world has ever seen.

But this is Magic Johnson biography. This is all magic.

His nickname was given in Everett High School when he gave them a little magic by scoring 36 points, 16 rebounds and 16 assists. I mean, that is the real deal right there.

Some might say that he was gifted. Pure unmatched talent, so thrilling to watch. And I agree. No doubt. He was a player that future generations ofbasketball can only hope to play as half as good as he was playing. But yet, when it comes to real work, and all the sweat and blood thing, he comes along and says..”I practiced all day. I’d go to the store dribbling with my left hand, and come back dribbling with my right hand. And then I’d sleep with thebasketball.”

That’s how his passing skills were shinning. But of course, being so tall and dominant, and yet move so quickly around the court, giving those sweet dishes, was work of art. A true magic that was played. I mean, who can say any bad words about him? What COULD be said?

One of the many interesting stories about Magic Johnson is in his first game in the NBA when the Lakers played against San Diego Clippers. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made the clutch shot and Earvin Johson got little TOO excited. He started giving him bear hugs. Choking him, running all over him… Then Kareem turned toMagic and went.. “We got 81 more games. Quit choking me” – 81 games indeed without the playoff games.

better shooting

It was pretty rough period for him, in 1991 when he was diagnosed with a HIV virus that can eventually lead to AIDS. His doctor told him to stop playingbasketball in order to protect his health.

And that’s exactly what he did. Not only that but he became a major voice, preaching all over the place about practicing safe sex. “We all think that only gays can get HIV virus. We think it can’t happen to us. Well, we’re wrong. I thought the same thing and here I’m. I have a HIV virus”.

It wasn’t until 2002, when the doctors told Magic he was free of the virus. They said it’s all because of his discipline of eating right and taking medicines.

He was smart enough to take advantage of the fact that he is, after all, Magic Johnson. He was pretty active businessman in many areas. All from the large-scale property development to movie theaters to shopping centers. He could really afford all that taking into account all the speeches and appearances he’s been giving for big numbers of money.

Did you know that?

 Magic is the only rookie to win the NBA finals MVP award.

 When playing in Michigan State University, he led them to a championship. The final game was against Larry Bird.

 After winning a championship on a high school and a college level, he was the first pick in 1979 NBA draft.

 Johnson had to retire because of the HIV virus. But then later on he came back and retired again.

 He has 3 Most Valuable Player Awards and 3 NBA finals Most Valuable Player Awards. And of course you can add those 5 championship rings.

 He has played for 13 seasons, just like Larry Bird.

 Earvin was the 6th of 10 children. He realized early he could kick his siblings little asses:)

 He’s been the only point guard, and the most successful of them all, standing 6’9.

 He has brielfy hosted a televesion show.

 He has 2 sons from two women, and has adopted a daughter.


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