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The Day the Earth Stood Still – Magic Johnson and Aids

The day that Ervin ‘Magic’ Johnson professed to the world that he indeed did have the AIDS virus, the earth as well as every fan of basketball, stood still.

We must clarify one thing and that is just because a person has contracted the virus called AIDS (auto-immune deficiency syndrome) this in no way shape or form guarantees the next step, full-blown AIDS. On November 7, 1991 Magic Johnson confirmed the rumor that was being swept around the NBA locker-rooms and other media outlets that he had HIV. A fast retirement followed with the world still collectively attempting to wrap their head-around this depressive reality.

NBA All Everything

That was 1991 and presently, in 2010, if you were to see a picture of Ervin ‘Magic’ Johnson you would say he looks about as healthy as anyone else his age. You be the judge of that as we have pasted a recent photograph of the prototypical NBA All Everything forward as well as a shot from his hey-days with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Have you ever seen a healthier looking retired basketball player? We have not and we are so happy that this has been the life of magic, even as Celtics fans!

Sport of Basketball

The Day the Earth Stood Still is a testament to the impact that Ervin ‘Magic’ Johnson had upon not only the fans and the players of the National BasketballAssociation but also to every person interested in the AIDS disease.

It mattered not if you were a fan of magic’s or if you were unfortunately saddled with the disease called AIDS. It did and still does have a wide-spread impact on the state of affairs in the sport of basketball and the lives of those with this horrendous disease.

better shooting

Crippling Disease

We all desired for Magic to beat this crippling-disease and often time fatal issue and our thoughts and prayers have been answered some two-decades later.

How long will magic keep beating the disease is any ones guess. He has had the luxury and good fortune of being rich and with the support of the NBA and its very best medical physicians this has served him well in his fight for life.

Scourge of the 21st Century

The finality of AIDS is something that needs no explanation. To say that the odds for beating this terrible disease is very-low would be a gross understatement indeed. The how of how did magic and how does Magic keep beating these impressive odds is what is so interesting to the millions ofbasketball fans and AIDS interested individuals the world over.

Can we continue to learn from this fine example of what proper nutrition and an exemplary-set of medical teams and physical fitness combined with a will of iron or is this just an anomaly and a temporary respite from what this disease normally creates? We can only keep praying and keep watching as this story of one man’s fight against the Scourge of the 21st Century continues to be played out.