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Success of South Korea’s National Basketball Team

Basketball means so much for many fanatics. Their way of showing how they love basketball can be by watching basketball live in the court action, buying basketball stuffs, dressing up like a pro, wearing their favourite basketball star’s jersey and or maybe simply idolizing them by watching their games in the screens.
Korea’s basketball History is colorful. It has always been considered as the top team in Asian Basketball. Even though Korea was always compared to that of the country China, Korea has also made its own edge which is very different with china. The Korea’s Basketball Team has also its momentous success which was witnessed in the whole world not once but many times already.

It very first and major achievement is their landing on the 8th spot in the 1948 Summer Olympics. Korea was the highest ranking Asian country those times and this is very memorable for the Koreans. They were also ahead of the top ranking European countries such as Italy, Argentina and Canada.

The KBL or the Korean Basketball League is the highest basketball league of South Korea. It was inaugurated in the year 1997. The basketball seasons always starts in the month of October and will end in the month of April the following year. The Korea Basketball League is composed of ten competing teams whereas each team will be playing the total of 54 games or 27 road games and 27 home games. Like any other basketball leagues, KBL has rules also to be followed.

Each of the competing teams can only have 2 foreign or import players to play for them. These imports are almost positioned as centers or forwards. In the previous rules, these imports who are exceeding in height which is 6 feet and 8 inches are not allowed to play in the league, but since it was already been changed, the rules became otherwise.

The KBL is the overall representative of South Korea for the International Basketball Competitions. As compared to other Asian Countries, South Korea can be undoubtedly claim as the top ranked basketball team in Asia just basing on the number of medals and victories garnered in the span of time.

In the year 1969 an 1970, Korea shone during the Asian championship which made them qualified in the World Championships. South Korea was the only Asian team to finish ahead the countries Egypt which is the champion of Africa and Australia which is the champion of Oceania.

The most recent big achievement of South Korea was their success in the 1997 Asian Championship where they brought home the Gold Medal. Last decade in the year 2007, South Korea, managed to win a streak of 5 consecutive games against competitor for the FIBA Asia Championship. Because of their high performing Basketball players, South Korea was the highest pointer with a field goal percentage of 61 percent.
South Korea is really a great performing Country in the FIBA Asian Championships because they have won 2 Gold Medals already, one in the year 1969 and one in the year 1997. For the rest of their attendance in FIBA Asian Games, they are always in the top ranks.

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