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How To Jump Higher – some tips for YOU

Some general tips on how to jump higher for you.. Most people make the mistake when exercising 7 days a week. They don’t know who to turn to.

They don’t know how to jump higher and what are the steps and sure enough, they start exercising like maniacs. It’s a good thing to have that WILL to make dramatic changes to your vertical but it’s also critical to be patient.

I’ve seen a lot of players trying a vertical leap program and then immediately, when they don’t see some improvements they toss it away and they switch to something else. Well, I’ve said this over and over again..

..but here we go again..

The purpose of any program is to attack a certain group of muscles. I’ve been asked a number of times, which program should I choose?

Here is the answer to that..

1.) Pick the program that is not TOO hard but nor TOO easy for you to do (which often times means that you’re not doing the exercises right but there are of course exceptions to this)

2.) You can’t go wrong by choosing any program. Doing “Aware Jump” and “Proven Tactics” is of course better than just working on “Aware Jump”. They are not identical. Of course. They are very specific in the group of muscles they attack.

3.) After you finish, say “Aware Jump”, give it a rest, and if you feel that it helped you or you enjoyed working on it, than by all means, work on it again.

If a program is too easy for you and somehow you can tell that it’s working for you, don’t be afraid to experiment. Increase the number of reps or sets.

Modify it in you own best way (sometimes you are the one who knows best how to jump higher). But one thing I don’t recommend trying is using ankle weights while doing a program, especially if the program doesn’t say so.

And not just while doing a program. If you decide to go with that approach, don’t forget to consult your doctor. On this page you’ll find my interesting experience with ankle weights.

Click on this link to go there.. – (it opens a new window)

And, I mean the same goes for, if your elbow is doing cracking noises. Don’t guess. Don’t be optimistic and don’t listen to anyone but your doctor. No one can tell you for sure what’s wrong with your elbow for example.

Even when you feel a nasty pain in you muscles or stomach or wherever (you know the pain that just makes you dizzy or you wanna throw up – a pain that is different from the pain when you’re attacking your muscles and you know that it’s all good), go see your doctor.

Don’t get fooled by that pattern that guys on the internet talk about when they say, it’s very normal to feel that.. I had that same thing happened to me. Well, that maybe be true but your body may be different. We are all special in our own ways. So don’t experiment with that.

If a friend of yours happens to give you a program to work on and he tells you that he’s been doing it twice a day, don’t feel compelled to do it twice a day. Remember that working TOO hard will actually decrease your vertical leap.

There is a rule of thumb in the bodybuilding and it says that you shouldn’t work out for more than 40 minutes. Some guys go longer than that and that’s okay but it’s the most efficient and effective when you are working in that range of 40-45 minutes.

So we, as basketball players can learn from that. Most programs aren’t designed to be worked on, for more than 40 minutes of pure strength/endurance exercises. And if you come across such a program, it’s better if you don’t get your hands on it.

Another important thing to remember is resting. Most guys just forget about this after they work their tail off. As in everything else, resting is the process when your muscles grow. If your legs hurt, then maybe you need to take a “day off” (resting that is:)


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