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Dallas Mavericks Arena

Arena’s are very much important for every team, it is usually called their home court.

It is important for it is where they practice their skills. It is also very much in favor to a certain team when the game is held in their own home court for they are very much used to the place. Let us now talk about a specific arena. The Dallas Mavericks Arena.

There are 3 Dallas Mavericks arena as of the moment, we don’t know yet when they will be transferring.


Reunion Arena


An indoor arena in the Reunion district of downtown Dallas, Texas. This Dallas Mavericks Arena held 18,293 for basketball and 17,001 for ice hockey. In August 2008, the Dallas City Council said it would implode the stadium if they have no funds. When no one seemed interested, they decided to demolish the arena using other methods.

Demolition was officially completed on November 17, 2009. As of November 2009, the adjacent parking garage remains standing and there are no plans for construction on the former arena site. The Reunion Arena was finally demolished in November 2009, and the site is scheduled to be cleared by the end of the year. Built in 1980, Reunion Arena continues to host a wide variety of large-scale events, including.


The original home of the Mavericks and Stars is now the exclusive home of the Dallas Sidekicks indoor soccer team. It was named for the early mid-nineteenth century commune, La Reunion.

In late 2005, the arena and the Dallas Convention Center were used as the primary Dallas shelters for evacuees of Hurricane Katrina.


Moody Coliseum


Opened in 1956 Moody Coliseum is an 8,998 multi functional arena in University Park Texas. It is home to the Southern Methodist University Mustangs basketball team . It was also home to the Dallas Chaparrals and Texas Chaparrals before. When the building was opened in 1956, it was known simply as the SMU Coliseum. In 1965, the arena was renamed Moody Coliseum in memory of William Lewis Moody, Jr. Moody has hosted Mustang Volleyball since the program’s inception in 1996.


It was also the Dallas Mavericks Arena on April 26, 1984 for Game 5 of their First Round series against the Seattle Supersonics, locally referred to as “Moody Madness”. The Mavericks won the game in overtime by the score of 105-104.

American Airlines Center


By 1998, the Dallas Mavericks, then owned by H. Ross Perot, Jr., and the Dallas Stars were indicating their desire for a new facility to replace the dated Reunion Arena. Dallas taxpayers approved a new hotel tax and rental car tax to pay for a new facility to cover a portion of the funding, with the two benefiting teams, the Mavericks and the Stars, American Airlines Center’s unique features single it out as the premier sports and entertainment venue in the country.


Anchoring the 72-acre Victory Park development, American Airlines Center serves as the backdrop to Dallas’ most vibrant urban gathering space. The AAC was pictured in Season 20, Episode 8 of the Simpsons, as “Dallas Mavericks Arena.”



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