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Brazilian Basketball Coaches

In the Basketball Arena, it is important to have a coach who will stand as the game planner together with their assistant coaches.

Brazilian coaches know that in the sport basketball, one should have the spirit and eagerness to win a game with the participation of each basketball players.

Even though Brazil is making its way up towards the fame for the Basketball arena, they started from scratch. They were making up with their lost time that is why Brazil has to really work overtime every moment they have to face a world tournament.

The Brazil basketball confederation had decided to partner with the nation’s top basketball teams to re-establish their teams for the national basketball tournament. They hired Ruben Magnano from Argentina as their Basketball coach for the Athens Olympic Games in the year 2004, this is one of the biggest moves that Brazil have done. This has also garnered a great attention internationally and in the field of basketball.

This move had actually paved way for their success to bring home the gold medal in the Olympics. The squad led by coach Magnano together with his players Manu Ginobili and Luis Scola who now plays for the NBA, had defeated the team from Italy with 84-69.

Brazil has excellent coaches to rule a game plan with excellent Brazilian Basketball player as well. During his times, Magnano has done great accomplishments for Brazil. He had convinced famous and great Brazilin Basketball players who already play for the NBA to play for Brazil’s National Team.

This was a miracle for the past coaches but it was already happening. Barbosa, a guard for the Toronto Raptors team from NBA together with the power forward Tiago Splitter from the Team San Antonio Spurs are now leading Brazil’s team for their entry at the FIBA World Championship to Turkey.

The other Brazil’s team member that will lead the game is Anderson Varejao from the Cleveland Cavaliers who, even though he has a sprained ankle still managed to pay for the team.

On the other hand, the Brazilian Confederation of Women Basketball has chosen Enio Vecchi as the newest coach for the Brazilian women’s basketball team. Vecchi had replaced the former Spanish coach Carlos Colinas who was recently released by the Confederation because he lacks commitment for the winning team.

Vecchi previously led the Brazilian Men’s National Team in the years 1993 and 1994. Because of his new role, Vecchi will be helped out by the former Brazilian women’s Basketball star Player Janeth as his assistant coach. With the team up of these coaches, Brazil will have high hopes for the victory of the Women’s Basketball team for Brazil.

New Brazil basketball team coach Vecchi signed a contract that which extends up to the year 2012. The first challenge for this most sought after coach will be to make the Women’s National Basketball team to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

This is not an easy task because Brazil will still need to be qualified through the Pre-Olympic games of the Americas in Neiva, Colombia. After which, Brazil will have a game in the Pan American Games to be held in Guadalajara, Mexico which will both be happening this October 2011.



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