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Famous Brazilian Basketball Players

For the past decades, Brazil undoubtedly was one country that has fast rising popularity when you talk about the sports Basketball.

This is because Brazilian basketball players have garnered several awards in the past. Among these awards comprises the World Championships victory in the years 1959 and 1963; four Pan American Game medals in the years 1971, 1987 and 1999 respectively and; three successful Americas championships dated in the years 1984, a988 and 2005 which is one recent success event last decade.

Basketball is indeed one of the most popular sports in the whole world that is why at the same time Brazilian Basketball players are also becoming more popular and are starting to make their own names in the field of basketball.

Oscar Schmidt is one of the most renowned basketball players in Brazil while Hortencia Marcari is for the women’s Brazilian Basketball.

Some Brazilian basketball players are not only popular in Brazil but also worldwide because of their distinguished participation in the National Basketball Association or NBA which is the most popular Basketball association in the history of this sport. Among these Famous Brazilian Basketball players are:

• Anderson Franca Varejao who is also known as the Wild Thing in USA. He is famous as one of the Brazilian National Team member with jersey number 16, and also from Cleveland Cavaliers team with a Jersey number 17. This 28-year old Famous Brazilian Basketball player is not like any other draftees.

He acquired a bronze medal in Brazil during the Goodwill Games in the year 2001 as one former member of Brazil’s Junior National Team. Because of continuous success, Varejao managed to enter the NBA arena with the Orlando Magic team. He was then reclassified as one famous Brazilian Basketball players who has a potential to make it like LeBron James.

• Leandrinho Mateus Barbosa from Sao Paulo, Brazil is also a great Brazilian Basketball player. Drafted by the year 2003, he has been quickly developed into becoming as one of the most dominant players Brazil at an early age of 20 during those times. Before he made it to NBA, he was also a former member of Brazil’s Junior National Team and had played in South America Junior Championships in the year 2000.

He is an excellent 3-point shooter and skilled to perfectly make it to the basket. He is now currently playing for the Phoenix Suns with a jersey number 10. With the fantastic rate of his career high of 84 percent from the free throw line, truly Barbosa can make his way to greater fame.

• Tiago Splitter is also one among the famous Brazilian Basketball players in the current times. He was drafted by the year 2007 and was the 28th overall pick of the San Antonio Spurs. He started to be known as the youngest player who competed in the 2002 World Championships in Indianapolis.

This famous 26-year old Brazilian Basketball player started up with the Ipiranga-Badesc brazil youth teams and the later on moved to Spain for the 2000- 2001 season. With his continuous trainging and success, he then made his way to the NBA.

These three players are just some of the famous Brazilian Basketball players in the history. With their gaining popularity, they could really uplift the spirits of the potential basketball players in Brazil.



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