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Basketball League In Malaysia

The most commonly known basketball league in Malaysia these days is the Westport KL Dragons. The Westport was also named before as the KL Dragons (Kuala Lumpur Dragons) and is base on Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

KL dragons were first found and started operating on the year 2009, unfortunately, the team discontinued on the next year. In that case, the Westport KL Dragons was established.

The Westport KL Dragons is the first team that would be going to represent Malaysia in the Air Asia ASEAN Basketball League that would happen during the months of October to February each year. The Westport KL Dragons was created with the united efforts of basketball enthusiasts. Such persons are, Mr. Ruben Emir Gnanalingan, Dato’ Nira Dani Daim and Dato’ Robin Tan Yeong Ching.

The league has its vision that focuses on the creation of a platform of high performance and sports and self sustaining professional team in the entire country. The members of the league is pushing through the provision of training grounds, entertainment venues and other infrastructures and facilities for the possibility of basketball to be known as one of the best sports, secondary to football.

As of now the Air Asia ASEAN Basketball League is still going on. Malaysians must be proud to the standing of the Westport KL Dragons on this event. The league is on the third rank next to the Air Philippines. Westport KL Dragons has 15 games played since the start of the event, has won 8 times and lost 7 times. While the lead Chang Thailand Slammers has won 11 times and lost 4times.

The Men behind the League

At the age of 56, Gon Cheung Hat is still capable of imparting knowledge to the extreme skilled players of Westport KL Dragons. Gon Cheung Hat, like any other coaches has also been a part of many achievements of the Malaysian Basketball League during his younger days.

He had bagful victories that include a one-time Sukan Malaysian Champ, twice in being a champion in the National U16. On the National U18, he added again six additional championships in his achievement list. He was also one of the participants of the Agong Cup Championship where he and his team won 12 times as a champ, and lastly on the Malaysia Basketball League under the Red Eagles and won three times.

Due to his amazing record, he was chosen to be one of the players of the Malaysia National Team on 1975. It was on the year 1985 when he started coaching younger basketball players. And on 2009, he once again took the chance to impart the knowledge about his passion with the Westport KL Dragon, and still the head coach up to this main event.



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