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Basketball in Malaysia

The introduction of basketball in Malaysia was done by the Chinese teachers of Chinese schools located on Malaysia. Early 1920’s when the basketball was taught by the Chinese students and played then on an outdoor courts.

The spread of the basketball in Malaysia happened on the early 1930’s when the visitation of the club teams and university from China and Honkong went by in the said country. Later the visitation, the sports was then become popular.

In 1934 the Inner State Tournament for Amateur Malaysian Chinese in basketball was conducted. During the 1958, Malaysia Amateur Basketball Association (MABA) was created. On the month of august that year, Agong Cup Championship was also held. After a year, the MABA became one of the members of the FIBA. The association is also affiliated with sixteen different members including the Federal Territory, 13th State Association, Royal Police and Malaysia Armed Forces.

During the 1960 it was considered as one of the many founders of ABC (Asia Basketball Confederation. Furthermore, the MABA also participated in the ABC (Asian Basketball Confederation) sponsoring in the Championship for Asia countries. Later that year, in 1965 Malaysia Youth Basketball Championship was conducted in Penang, Malaysia.

The Malaysian Chinese male individuals were not just the one to brag their capability in the sports. On 1979, women Malaysian citizens joined the Women Thirteenth World Champrionship for Basketball and were ranked as the 11th placer. However, on the year 1986, male basketball players were able to join in the 10th World Championship for Basketball held in Spain.

Nevertheless, Malaysia is still proud to say that during the year 1977 and 1985 the woman national team have bag gold medals for 5 times. Malaysia also conducted different main sports event of the world. They had organized the Asian Basketball Confederation on 65, 77 and on 1986, similarly held at Kuala Lumpur. In the year 1970, 1978 and 1986 Asian Basketball Confederation for Women was again happened in the country.

Since the sports then was introduced to the country, Malaysia thought that it would be better to see both the Malaysian and Malaysian Chinese citizen to be indulged in the sport. So on the year 1973, the Malaysian amateur basketball association encourages the Malaysian citizens to be a part of the sport. At first, a lot of citizens joined the group; unfortunately, the participation of some citizen grew slow by the year 1975.

South East Asian Games in basketball category on the year 1989 made the male team of MABA to bring home the silver medal. In addition, MABA also participated on April 10-16th year 1994, the first South East Asia Basketball Association (SEABA) Men’s Championship.

After a year, the MABA which was well-known on the year 1984-1985 was discontinued due to financial constraints experienced by the member. However, with the aid of the former president of MABA, late Tan Sri Khaw Kai Boh, the ABC and the former vice-president of FIBA made it possible to build the MABA headquarters.

The building was successfully created during the year 1971. As such, other venues like the stadium, training grounds and dormitories are included. The MABA headquarters serve as the emblem of progress and development of basketball in the country.

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