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Women’s Chinese Basketball Association

The Women’s Chineses Basketball Associatin, or the WCBA or is also known as the China National Women’s Basketball Association, is the women’s counterpart to the Chinese Basketball Association, or the CBA.
It is a women’s professional basketball league in the People’s Republic of China. The Chinese Basketball Association was formed in the year 1995, however these association is just composed mainly of men basketball players.

The WCBA, or the Women’s Chinese Basketball Association, was then established in the year 2002, for the women basketball player of China.

Before the Women’s Chinese Basketball Association

The Women’s Chinese Basketball Association was just recently formed, however, even before the Women’s Chinese Basketball Association was formed, there were already a Women’s National team. The Women’s Basketball team of China was considered as one of the best teams in Asia and up until now.

The first international competition that they attended to was the World Basketbll Championships in San Paul in Brazil in 1983, where they won the third place.

Zheng Haixia

The world started to notice the Women’s Chinese basketball team and the team’s popularity grew rapidly because of the team’s superstar and powerful center: Zheng Haixia. In 1984, they won the bronze medal at the 22nd Olympic Games in Los Angeles. During the same year, and same event, Zhang became both the youngest and the tallest Chinese woman player when she played for the Olympics at Los Angeles.

In the year 1989, Zheng set a new record scoring 67 points in an invitational game against the Soviet Union. She played three more times in the Olympic Games for China. In 1992, the Chinese Women’s basketball team won the silver medal at the 25th Olympic Games held in Barcelona.

better shooting

Her basketball career was a success, and she had won a lot of titles including her being MVP at the World Championships in 1994. In 1997, Zheng became a professional basketball player and decided to join the Women’s National Basketball Association in the United States, and led the Los Angeles Sparks. She is currently the head coach of the Bayi Women’s Basketball team in China, where she led the team to won all the championship titles since the Women’s Chinese Basketball Association debut last 2002.

The Teams

The full name of each team should have three different parts, following the same order. The first name of the team should be a geographic destination, or a place in China, except for the team named Bayi, which means August First.

The second part of the name should be the team’s corporate sponsor name, whichi is usually not used, and the third part of the team’s name must be a nickname, such as an animal.

The Playoff Champions

Since the Women’s Chinese Basketball Association started in 2002, the Bayi Kylins or the Bayi China Telecom has been dominating. The Bayi Kylins won five titles in the Playoff Championships, among all the nine Playoff Title.

The Bayi Kylins won four consecutive Playoff Championships from 2002 to 2005. In 2005 to 2007, the Liaoning Baocheng or the Lianong Leopards stole the championship title from the Bayi Kylins. However the Bayi Kylins regained their title as the Playoff Champions in the season 2007-2008, but by the next two seasons, 2008-2009 and 2009-2010, the Liaoning won the Playoff Championships.


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