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Women of Brazilian Basketball History

Basketball, although it is generally played by men, women are also making up their names in this sport.

In the past, men are known to be dominant over women but due to gender equality that was being encouraged around the world, many aspects like jobs and sports are now also being participated by women in the society.

In Brazil, the Basketball Confederation is not only being embodied by Men of basketball, women also have their part. Women in Brazil’s Basketball Federations and different associations act as basketball players, coaches and assistant coaches as well.

And due to their continuous learning and dedication in this sport, these Brazilian women basketball players have already given fame to the country Brazil. With the countless awards that they bring home for Brazil, surely these women have great remarks in the History of Basketball.

Famous Brazilian Women Basketball players:

1. Maria Paula “Magic Paula” Gonçalves da Silva

• also known as “Magic Paula” (counterpart of Magic Johnson)

• Date of birth: 11th of March 1962

• Birthplace: Osvaldo Cruz in São Paulo, Brazil

Nowadays, Maria Paula is a retired Brazilin basketball player and is considered a history maker. She was marked as one of the greatest women basketball player in Brazil along with other personalities in Brazilian Basketball such as Janeth Arcain and Hortencia Maarcari.

Maria Paula is the second to Hortencia as a huge scorer with a total of 723 points for Brazil women’s National Team. She is also holding the record for caps with 45 games, and was a participant in six World Championships and two Olympic Games.

Maria Paula became a member in the prestigious Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in the year 2006.

2. Hortência Marcari

• Also known as “the Queen”

• Date of birth: 23rd of September 1959

• Birthplace: Potirendaba, São Paulo, Brazil

Hortencia Marcari is often considered as the greatest pride of Brazilian women’s basketball player. Marcari was inducted as a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame in the year 2002 and also a holder of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame which was inducted in the year 2005 and last but not the least is the FIBA Hall of fame in the year 2007.

Hortencia Marcari has an Italian Background since their family just moved to Brazil when she was 10 years old. During her childhood days, Hortencia was prevented by her parents from playing any sports but because of her much desire of doing her most favorite activity, they were left with no choice but to let her.

When she was 13, Hortencia began playing the street basketball and was later being discovered by the coach of Brazil women’s National Basketball Team Waldir Paga Perez. Hortencia was then one of the players for the National Team at the age of 15. Since then she started giving pride to Brazil by participating in different world Basketball Championships one of which is the Pan American Games in 1991 whereas they brought home the Gold medal.

3. Marta de Souza Sobral

• Date of birth: 23rd of March 1964

• Birthplace: São Paulo, Brazil

Marta de Souza Sobral is also a commendable Woman in the History of Basketball in Brazil. She have participated three Summer Olympics dated year 1992, 1996 and year 2000. During these Olympics, Team Brazil won medals which made Marta as a remarkable player. Because of their family’s love for basketball her sister Leila Sobral has alos followed her footsteps in the basketball arena.


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