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Women basketball Team

As we all know basketball has dominated almost all the countries and it is not a doubt that it would reach India.
India though has a very large are in terms of their geography has immediately accepted basketball as part of their culture. A lot of people plays the said sport and is undeniably fond of the sport itself. Due to its popularity in India, not only men is playing it. Basketball in India has made a rise of women crowd recently.

Women in India nowadays are eager to be known in the field of basketball and are determined to prove that they could do what men can do in the field of basketball. A lot of them are very aggressive in terms of playing basketball for them to be controversial or talked about in the public.

Women in India are known for being conservative but in terms of basketball people are surprised in how they create their game plan. Like men, women in India are good players too in fact a lot of women there are better than men in basketball. Their wonderful techniques and skills was acquired maybe because they had known basketball for a long time which made them know more skills and techniques than others (especially the old ones).
Because of an increase in number of woman playing basketball the government decided to create leagues in basketball for them. They also decided to create a national team which represents the country in international competitions.

Asian Basketball 2009

Indian Women’s basketball team participated in the 2009 Asian Basketball. The said basketball tournament was special for the Indian women’s basketball team because it was held in Chennai, India. For the first time, India hosted the 23rd FIBA Asian Championships.

The tournament began in September 17 and ended in September 24. India ranked 44th overall in the world. The roster of the Indian women’s basketball team are the following: Akanksha Singh, the team’s forward, Kiranjit Kaur the team’s center, Geethu Anna Jose whichi is also a center, Anitha Pauldurai plays the position of the guard and so does Pratima Singh and Sonika Olhyan, Kritika Laxman plays as a forward, Anju Lakra, Harjeet Kaur and Prashanti Singh plays the position of a guard, and lastly Raspreet Sidhu and Sheeba Maggon plays the role of a forward. The Indian women’s basketball team that participated in the 2009 Asian Basketball Championships was Jay Prakash Singh.

better shooting

3rd Indoor Asian Games

The Indian women’s basketball team also participated in the 3rd 2009 Indoor Asian Games that took place in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The basketball game was not the usual five on five game, the basketball game that was played in the Indoor Asian Games is three on three.
The Indian women’s basketball team composed of Raspreet Sidhu who palys the role of the forward, Prashanti Singh and Anitha Pauldurai plays as the guard and Geethu Anna Jose, which is the center, won the bronze medal losing to the Thailand women’s basketball team with a score of 33 to 19.


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