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The Finland’s National Basketball Team

In Finland, basketball is indeed of the greatest sports played by many Finnish.

Basketball once came out as a new game and is now being regarded as one of the Famous Games in the whole world. One thing is sure about this game is that; it has already being played a million times in the whole world even if the other side of the earth is sleeping.

Just like any other institution, Finnish National Basketball Team, was the representative of the country Finland for any International basketball competition. EuroBasket is one f the highest league that is being participated by the Finland. Finnish always make sure and see to it that the can have a spot in the rankings of ever teams in the whole season.

During the 1939 EuroBasket, which is the first ever participation of Finland in any basketball competition. The Finland National Basketball team have lost n any game during the round robin of the seasons.

The team have tasted their very first defeat as they take their end score of 70- 541 in the overall differentials. Since then, the team players of the Finland see to it that every time they set foot in a court, they will perform with only their best and not only by what other people tell them.

Since then, the Finland National Basketball Team have not yet participated any EuroBasket Championship for the span of 12 years. The Finland’s National Basketball Team was once again seen in the courtside action during the 1951 EuroBasket Championship.

They had a little success as they went through the preliminary rounds of the Season. The Finnish became very only to know they were not able to make it again even to the semi-finals which is very devastating for the team. But even though they have not landed on the top spot yet, they still have shown what they got many other basketball teams which came there and competed

The National Basketball Team for Finland has face difficult trials while they are going through the EuroBasket in the year 1955. They were afraid to lost and land again in a very far behind status. However, they are equipped with the right attitude and sportsmanship as they have went for the said championship in the year 1955.

During the preliminary rounds, they really had hard time whereas they have lost all the three games which were held in the Budapest. But during matches with the weaker opponent teams, they have won all the four games. In the end, the landed at the 10th spot for they lost o the team of France which later on landed on the 9th spot.
Olympics is another big deal for the Finland National Basketball Team for this is one level higher than that of the EuroBasket. In the Olympics, all countries in the whole world will be able to match with their opponents as they go nearer to the final rounds. The best team wins in the Olympics.

The Finland National Basketball Team has also participated in this prestigious sports fiesta. But sadly they only were able to make it in the 15th spot in the year 1952 and in the year 1964 they landed on the 11th spot.


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