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History of Basketball in Finland

Basketball has been famous a throughout the world and in the past decades it has amazingly stricken the interest of all people from different walks of life.

Even though its inception became very hard for the founders to start, it has still made its spot in the hearts of every people who loves the sports basketball.

Basketball in Finland became ever popular in the late 1930s as they country started to join the EuroBasket Championship, which is the Basketball competition of the Participating Countries who have gone through qualifications.

Finland’s representative for any international basketball competition is called the Finland National Basketball Team. They first represented the country in the year 1939 where as they tasted their first ever lost with other competing countries.

They have again joined the 1951 EuroBasket Championships held in Paris, France whereas they landed on the 9th spot among 17 other teams. They have fought in the preliminary game rounds one and two and it was successful, however they only landed on the 9th slot. The Finland National Basketball Team has also once gain participated in the 1953 EuroBasket Championships which was held in Moscow, USSR (Russia).

In the preliminary rounds, they have landed on the 4th slot out of 5. During the first rounds, they have showed a good game plan by men of winning three games and having only one loss. But, unfortunately, they have only managed to land on the 12th slot among 16 other competing teams.

The determination of the Finnish Basketball players has risen up as they have only managed to stay in the low posts in their past performances as a Basketball team in the EuroBasket Championships. Luck seems to be very far away from them as they cannot make a way to their most awaited victory.

Like in the 1955 EuroBasket whereas they had roughly won any matches. Finland’s National Basketball Team cannot even have the chance to emerge among any teams as they joined the season’s qualifying rounds. However, they still encompasses that winning spirit because they were still able to fight back and tried their best that is why they still have landed as the top ten European team among 17 other teams who have joined the Basketball competition.

Their hardships and struggles have not gone so far yet and their determination is being tested by time. As an evidence of this is the 1957 EuroBasket Championships.

They have landed on the third place just in the Preliminary rounds but in the overalls, they only landed on the 11th spot among 18 other competitors.

In Finland, Basketball is one famous sport game. It has been Finnish’s past time to play, watch and collect basketball items which they feel can give pleasure to them. Finland has a very good performance in terms of the sport Basketball.

In the present time, Finland is showing off good talents in the Basketball History, and may soon have the chance to get a top spot in any international basketball competition.

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