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Romania’s Basketball League

Since the Romanians accepted basketball into their hearts since it was introduced to them, basketball became one of the sports that majority of the Romanians watch and play.
Thus, different organizations formed different leagues in order for the basketball players, especially the young ones to be able to practice playing basketball as a team, and to promote friendly competitions to different participating teams.

One of the major basketball leagues in Romania will be discussed, and it is the Divizia A. The Divizia A is divided into two: the Divizia A league for men which is otherwise called the Baschet Masculin and the Divizia A league for women or Baschet Feminin.

The Divizia A or the Baschet Masculin

The Divizia A, or Baschet Masculin, is composed of sixteen different teams. The regular season of the league starts in October. The league is played following the usual round-robin home-and-away basis. The best eight teams will qualify for the playoffs, just like in the NBA.

The playoffs, unlike the elimination round, is played using the knock-out format. When the teams reaches quarterfinals and semi-finals the teams will play using the best of five series and when the teams reaches finals, they will use the best of seven series.

Some of the Best Players in the Divizia A

Gheorghe Muresan

He is one of the best players because of his advantage in height. He is 7 ft. and 7 in. tall. He played college basketball at Cluj University. In 1993, he was picked by the Washington Bullets in the 1993 NBA Drafts as the 30th pick in the second round.

Antonio Alexe

Alexe was considered as one of the best Romanian player in the Divizia A. He played professional basketball in Romanian and Hungarian professional basketball leagues. He led his team, CSU Asesoft to win the Romanian Championship twice and, together with his team: West Petrom Arad, won one Romanian Championship. Unfortunately, Antonio Alexe died in a tragic car accident back in the year 2005.

Constantin Popa

He became a player of the BC Dinamo Bucuresti, which is a Romanian team. Then, he went to Miami to study, and at the same time play basketball for the University of Miami in the NCAA Division 1, where he became the tallest basketball player in the history of the University of Miami. He was picked by the Los Angeles Clippers in the 1995 NBA Drafts, however he never played in the NBA.

The Teams in the Divizia A

Since the Divizia A or the Baschet Masculin have just began in the latter part of 2010, the season is still ongoing. The basketball teams in the Divizia A in the 2010-2011 season are the following: BC Mures, Steaua Bucuresti, Asesoft Ploiesti, Gaz Metan Medias, U Cluj, Energia Rovinari, CSM Bucuresti, BC Agres Pitesti, BCM Elba Timisoara, CS Otopeni, SCM Universitatea Craiova, CSM Oradea, CSU Sibiu, BC Miercurea Ciuc, CSU Brasov, and Politechnica.

The teams in the Divizia A or the Baschet Feminin are the following: LMK BC Sepsi Sfantu Gheorge, CS Municipal Satu Mare, CS Baschet ICIM Arad, CSM Universitatea Oradea, CSU LPS Alba Iulia , CS Universitatea Cluj-Napoca, CSS Bega BC Danizo Timisoara, and BC Galactica Olimpia Brasov.


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