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Basketball in Romania

Romania is known for it is the 9th largest country in Europe Union and has ranked 7th in terms of the largest population in Europe having approximately 21.5 million people.

Besides its geography and population, what makes Romania popular is because of basketball. Romania is very participative in international basketball competitions in fact they had appeared in 17 Eurobasket Tournaments, in Summer Olympics and was one of the first member of FIBA, they became a member of the said organization since year 1932.

Romania is known for being competitive in sports and for having determined players who continues to bring pride to their country.Due to the visibility of the country in international competitions, basketball in Romania became very known it is in fact considered the second most popular sport in Romania next to football.

People are very much into the said sport which in fact led them to create a lot of clubs and teams. A lot particularly the youth aspires to become one of the most successful and in demand basketball players too.

When basketball was introduced in Romania it was immediately accepted and supported by the citizens there. They even made it as one of their favorite past time, plenty where hooked because of the extraordinary excitement that basketball brings to them. Since basketball was accepted by the Romanians whole heartedly, different organizations started forming different leagues, and by leagues I mean both minor and major leagues, junior leagues and college leagues.

These different leagues became part of the lives of the Romanians, specially the ones that are into the said sport. Since the response of the people is positive, the Romaninan government formed the Romanian National Basketball Team, which is a team that would represent the country in different tournaments, whether continental or international tournaments.

And the Romanian government did not regret making the said team because the Romanian National Basketball Team did participate in international tournaments, although they do not have gold, silver, or even bronze medals to brag about, they have their pride and the support of the whole country with them.

The Romaninan National Basketball Team brought a change in the country, not just the National team, but also the sport basketball in general.

A proof that basketball in Romania is widespread is when the national basketball team of Romania is competing in international tournaments, the support of the citizens of the said country is seen, the whole nation becomes united in praying and cheering for their team.

Just like almost, if not all, of the countries in the world, Romania fell in love with basketball. They did not just accept the sport physically, but they have also accepted it by heart. Basketball is not hard to love, because it is not hard to play, all the players should understand is that the game is a team play and that unity should be practiced, fortunately, not just the Romanian basketball team understood that, but also the whole country. The Romanian team would not have survived if not for the support of their countrymen.

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