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Romania National Basketball Team

Basketball is commonly played by the citizens in Romania. In fact it is one of the most popular sports in the said country.
The country’s first loved sport is football yet it doesn’t mean that basketball is neglected in the country. As a proof that they does not neglect the presence of the rising sport basketball the government created the Romania National basketball team which represents the country in international competition such as FIBA wherein they joined in year 1932, Olympics and Eurobasket league wherein they first played in year 1935.

Summer Olympics and Eurobasket League

The Romania National Basketball team has appeared in the Eurobasket and Summer Olympic competitions wherein they were able to show that they deserved to be competing against other countries.

They appeared in the Olympics once in year 1952 and unfortunately the team only ranked 23rd. In the Eurobasket they were able to join in 17 seasons wherein they may not able to get medals they managed to have a high rank in some of its seasons such as in year 1957 and 1967 where they were able to rank 5th among the 16 teams.

These achievements particularly in the Eurobasket Leagues made the citizens of Romania become more interested in the sport that they began embrace basketball more. By their achievements, it also made the popularity of basketball in the country to dramatically rise.

Romania National basketball team has proved their worth in every game they played they have appeared several times in international competitions even if they may not have won any medal the team never lose hope and is up to now very determined to brag the victory banner for their country.

The team may be called a loser in terms of number of medals achieved but are they really a loser? Of course not! None of the teams in different countries should be called as such. The team like any other countries team’s determination and hard work is something that each citizen should be very much proud of and they should be thankful for the team had brought honor for their country.
Since the day the Romania National basketball team started to compete internationally they never failed to make their country proud. The medals and high ranks may not be achieved by the Romania national team, their team is still something that the country should be proud and happy for they did their best to give a good fight.

Competing in numerous teams is not easy therefore the trophies and the number of bragged victories of each country is not the only basis for determining the excellence and skills of the team. I think each team has the skills and capability to win the game it is just that only one team could brag the championship.

The players passion for basketball and their love for their country is what matters the most so win or lose each team competing should be given a warm round of applause.


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