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Notable Players of Romania

Basketball in Romania is very widespread it is in fact one of the most popular sport in the country together with football, rugby union and team handball.
Basketball became more popular when the national basketball team of Romania started to appear in numerous international competitions wherein they had given a good fight in every match which made the citizens proud and become eager to learn the game.

The visibility of basketball games in the country made it embraced faster by the citizens in Romania and in a span of a short period basketball became very popular in the country.As we all know the success of the team relies on the coaches and the players. Now we will be discussing some of the notable players of Romania which made the country gain achievements.

Andrei Folbert

Folbert is considered one of the most loved among the notable players of Romania because of the charisma and amazing basketball skills he has. He is even nicknamed as “The Hope” by his supporters because they believe that Folbert being on the team would make it easier to win a game.

He immediately impressed the country of his skills since the day he started to become a professional basketball player in 1945. He is also named as the All Time Best Romanian Basketball Player because of the skills he has which made him to be known as a complete player as well.

His achievements include winning 16 National Championship in his 25 years of playing. After retiring as a professional basketball player he still continue show his passion for basketball thru coaching he was able to coach for 12 years. Filbert indeed left a big mark in the history of basketball in Romania for even after his death in September 9, 2003 he is still remembered by the people.

Horia Demian

Demian is known as one of the notable players of Romania because of his unique style in playing basketball. The main proof that he is an excellent player is because he was picked to play for the Romanian national basketball team numerous times, 165 times to be exact.

He was also awarded as Maestru al Sportului because of the skills which shows that he is indeed a legend in sports specifically basketball. Among his most known appearance in international competition was in the 4 Eurobasket Tournaments wherein he was able to lead the team to give a good fight to their opponent in fact in one of the Eurobasket Tounaments he participated the team ranked 5th among 16 teams in 1967 which is one of the highest rank Romania basketball team has achieved.
One of the amazing fact I knew about Demian that made me believe that he should be known as one of the most notable players of Romania is because of his Loyalty to his country. Because of the achievements he earned plenty of offers had been given to him, he is even asked to play for the American professional league yet he declined all the offers.

Isn’t that amazing? Only few would let that opportunity pass, it only shows that he is not just an excellent player but also a good Romanian citizen which should be followed by others.


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