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Nherlands Basketball Rosters

It is not a secret that basketball is quite neglected in Netherlands, only few are fanatic of basketball there because of the booming popularity of football in the country. Basketball’s great rival in terms of popularity in almost all country is football and in the case Netherlands it is in football wherein plenty excels.
Football is the sport where plenty of Netherland citizens play, in fact it is one of their favorite past time. Through this the youth’s skills are enhanced as early as their childhood which made them excel more in football rather than in basketball which is rarely played before.

Football games and tournaments in Netherlands often gather a huge crowd leaving basketball to have fewer audiences which hinders the popularity of the said sport in the country.

I think the reason why basketball is not that widespread in Netherlands is because it was not given a chance to be known. Basketball is often ignored in this country for it has bragged few victories for the country. But why do you think it has only a few achievements?

Is it the fault of the players in the National team or it is because of the citizens in Netherlands?In my own opinion it is both the fault of the Netherlands Basketball Rosters and the citizens, but more of the citizens. Citizens should be blamed in the lame performance of their team in competing internationally because they are not supportive enough which makes the national team weaker emotionally, mentally and physically.

The government should do something for the citizens to be more participative in supporting for their national team. Who would love to play for their country if their fellow citizens are with them right?

It is also the fault of the players because they let the thought of having few fellow citizens who supports them ruin their game plan. A professional basketball player should leave all their problems behind in order to focus in every game they should be responsible enough in handling their emotions for it not to affect their performances in a game.

If the citizens and the Netherlands basketball Rosters would just compromise with each other and be united for sure they would excel in basketball which will make basketball more popular in the country.
Let me give you the list of the 2010 Netherlands Basketball Rosters and their positions:

Rogier Jansen – guard

Bryan Defares – guard

Stefan Wessels – forward

Kees Akerboom- forward

Arvin Slagter- guard

Ties Theeuwkens- guard

Robert Krabbendam- forward

Peter van Passen- Forward

Patrick Hilliman- Forward/ Center

Francisco Elson- Center

Jeremy Ormskerk- Guard

Marcel Aarts- Center

In the upcoming international competitions and even in local leagues or tournaments hopefully the citizens in Netherlands will participate in basketball more, may they be able to see that Netherlands has a potential too in the field of basketball.
By having a much bigger crowd and supporters in the games, surely the Netherlands basketball rosters determination to win will increase and the possibility of bringing the gold medal in international Olympics would have a higher chance.


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