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NBA Players from Netherlands

Football is the most popular sport in Netherlands together with field hockey and volleyball. Basketball is not that known in the country for they are more focused on the three sports said awhile ago.

Basketball is often set aside by the citizens there as well as the government that is why only few are into basketball. Even though basketball is not that famous in Netherlands, there are still basketball players that are doing their best to brag victory to the country and to be known as one of the NBA Players from Netherlands.

Basketball players in Netherlands aspire to become an NBA player hoping that thru this more citizens there would want to play basketball and for basketball to be more noticed in their country. Little by little basketball is getting more known in Netherlands because of the hardship of the basketball players.Here are some of the NBA Players from Netherlands:

Dan Gadzuric

Gadzuric has been playing basketball for years, he was in fact an active basketball player way back in college. He was playing for Bruins in his college school (University of California, Los Angeles) and after that he was luckily chose to be an NBA player. He was first chosen in the 2002 NBA Draft by the Milwaukee Bucks and after almost 8 years if playing for the team he was traded together with Charlie Bell to the Golden State Warriors in exchange for Corey Maggette.

Due to his excellent skills and numerous achievements for the team, his hard work has paid off when he was named to the McDonald’s All-American Team. By being part of McDonald’s All-American Team huge crowd began to love and notice him, the citizens in Netherlands as well began to appreciate more basketball. Thanks some of the NBA players from Netherlands particulary Dan Gadzuric.

Francisco Marinho Robby Elson

Elson is one of the most controversial NBA players from Netherlands because of Denver’s 2004 Playoff wherein Elson and Garnett had a fight (foul-groin issue), and Elson called Garnett gay which made the gay community mad. Elson soon settled it by apologizing to them.
Elson is also known for his talents in basketball, he has a lot of experience in basketball which made him a good basketball player today. He started playing basketball when he was twelve years old at AMVJ Rotterdam since then he had became so engaged into basketball.
Elson’s ability in basketball is very visible even in his young age, he was in fact asked to play in the Dutch under-20 national team. After years of playing in the team, he was noticed by NBA and was picked in the 1999 NBA draft by Denver Nuggets but he declined the offer for he will be playing for Spain. After 4 years of playing for Spain he finally entered NBA under the team Denver Nuggets.

As of now Elson is playing under the team Utah Jazz where he continue to excel and bring honor to his country, Netherlands.

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