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National Team Mexican Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the whole world. Basketball was first introduced as a sport by the Genius, Dr. James Naismith.
He thought of any game that could be played indoors so that students or kids can still have worthwhile activity even though rainy and winter season comes. He discovered a worthwhile activity where as he made use of a soccer ball and two pieces of baskets that were placed on the opposite sides.

He then played with his students and realized that this activity was very interesting. Then it was called basketball.

After some time from 1880s, Dr. Naismith went very committed in making the game as a developed sport that can be played indoors and outdoors. There were a lot of failures that has been encountered until such time that the Basketball was officially considered as an Olympic sport, most especially in the year 1936.

Rules for the sport basketball were dedicatedly made by many minds who wanted to help Dr. Naismith on his journey into making it as a world renowned sport. And he did not fail on this mission. Basketball gradually became famous in Canada and USA and later on, in other countries too like Mexico.

The national basketball team of Mexico is the Federacion Mexicana de Baloncesto which is formerly known as Federacion Mexicana de Basquetbol. The federacion was established in the year 1936 whereas the National team of Mexico was now ranked by the FIBA as number 33 all over the world.

With the lead of the national basketball coach Silvio Jose Santander, the Mexican Basketball team managed to stand on the 33rd spot on the Federation of International Basketball Association or FIBA Americas. The Mexican Basketball national team appeared 7 times in the 1936th Olympics and they went home with bronze medal among other countries who took part on the said event.

Mexican National Basketball Team also appeared 4 times in the World Championships and even though their team did not brought home any awards; they went home with great experiences and heightened spirits for the next more world championships to come.

This national basketball team of Mexico is the representative of Mexico in the men’s world or international basketball tournaments.

Famous players (with their numbers or position) for Mexico’s entry for the FIBA 2007 Americas Championships are the following:

1. Victor Mariscal- Forward (10)
2. Horacio Llamas- Center (7)
3. Romel Beck- Guard (9)
4. Pedro Meza- Forward (5)
5. Omar Quintero- Guard (11)
6. Adam Parada- Center (4)
7. Hector Hernandez- Guard (12)
8. Anthony Pedroza- Guard (6)
9. Arim Solares- Guard (8)
10. Gustavo Ayon- Guard (14)
11. Enriquez Zuniga- Guard (13)
12. Victor Avila – Center (15)

The winning streak Mexican National basketball association was felt in the years: 1959 when they landed on the 13th spot, 1963 landed on the 9th spot, 1967 8th spot and on the year 1974 on the 9th spot again.

In Pan American Games in the year 1967 Mexico went home with a silver medal whereas they only landed as second best to USA Team. In 1983, they landed on the 3rd place with Bronze Medal as their award whereas USA held the Gold and Brazil held the Silver respectively.


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