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History of Mexican Basketball

As the popularity of basketball rise up to very unremarkable peaks, Mexican Basketball Players, coaches and Federations have higher dreams of winning international Championships.

Mexico National Basketball league is the representative of Mexico for the Men’s basketball division in any competition outside the country. The governing body of this team is no other than the Mexican Basketball Federation or the “Asociación Deportiva Mexicana de Baloncesto” which when abbreviated is ADEMEBA.

The Mexican basketball Team has already participated in many various events during the past decades or should we say century. International competition such as Olympics, Pan American Games, FIBA championships are the world renowned competitions where Mexico really stood out among other Competitors.

Did you know that: in the year 1973, the Mexico team brought home the silver medal whereas the gold was held by the USA team? In 1983, which is one of the most memorable Pan American Games for Mexico, the team almost out shined against USA team as they took a 20-4 lead.

The USA team during those times were lead by the NBA fame and favourites such as Michael Jordan Sam Perkins, Ed Pinckney, Wayman Tisdale, and Chris Mullin and last but not the least Michael Cage. After the said lead, the USA team then came back for revenge with a 9-point win with an end score of 78-65. in this tournament, the standing is: USA (gold), Brazil (Silver) and Mexico (Bronze).

In the 1991 Pan American Games, the Mexico team rise from fall because they managed to win the top 2 spot ahead the USA team. This is also considered as a great achievement because they were able to make the USA land behind them. The USA team was lead by also equally famous and great players such as Tracey Murray, Christian Laettner, Grant Hill and others. The final standing for this tournament were: Puerto Rico (Gold), Mexico (Silver), USA (Bronze)

Historical Standings of Mexico Basketball Team:

• Olympic Games in 1936, Mexico Landed on the 3rd spot over 23 other teams coming from different countries.

• They also won and landed on the 4th spot in the 1948 Olympic Games among 23 other teams.

• On the 1952 Olympics, the Mexican National Basketball Team finished at the 9th spot from among the 23 equally qualifying teams from different countries all over the world.

• During the 1959 world championships, the Mexican team went home with the final ranking of 13th with the over 13 countries. This was a devastating defeat experienced by Mexico since they always have a top spot in the past competitions. Although this did not make Mexico not to excel more in the basketball arena, they were more fuelled to gain a top spot in the world championships.

• In the Olympics in the year 1960, Mexico ended up as the 12th country 15 other teams. It was very hard for them to come back since their last defeat.

• But in the 1963 world Championships they showed that Mexicans can really rise up from ruins as they end up with a good ranking position which is 9th among other 12 teams.

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