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Mexican Coaches

Being a coach can be a very challenging task. For Mexican National Basketball team, it is of much importance to have a well disciplined and trained for excellence trainer and coach as well.

Mexico is one of the countries that are also vying to become one of the greatest countries in the Basketball arena. That is why; the Mexican Basketball federation is not missing their task to search for the most effective basketball coach who will be deployed with the equally deserving Mexican Basketball players.

According to the Mexican Basketball federation, an effective coach must have first started as an effective player. An effective player knows the basics or the fundamentals of the sport basketball.

Some coaches still go back to polishing their basics whenever they need to do so, but this is not a good situation for a big winning country like Mexico. An effective basketball coach has well practiced fundamentals.

So what is the reason why these Fundamentals in Basketball are important?

First and foremost, the sport basketball is being governed by many rules, so if a coach is not really familiar with the rules in the game, the tendency to lose a game is very high, and Mexican Basketball Federation does not want that.

The most important basic elements in basketball are shooting, dribbling, basic offense, offenses and passing and if a Mexican coach is not an expert with all of these when he or she is not really qualified.

An example of a famous and very qualified Mexican coach is Luis Nicoletti.

His full name is Luis Angel del Valle Nicoletti Ostera. Before he began as a fully committed coach he first started as a humble but dedicated assistant coach to Conarpesa Madryn of Argentina’s TNA in the year 2001 to 2003. He also did well as assistant coach to the following: Soles de Mexicali (years 2004, 2007-2008, and 2009-2010) and Ostioneros de Guaymas on the year 2009.

Because of his full commitment discipline in the field of basketball, his talent has become wider through years and his interest also was being more impulsive. And because of his decisiveness, his mind and tactics was then needed for the nationals. His first full scouting and coaching job was with Juvenile teams in Club Baloncesto Gran Canaria in Spain.

As his success years went through the have already garnered many achievements and priceless awards. He was chosen as one of the Liga Americas Finalist in the year 2008 as well as a finalist for Mexican LNBP also in the year 2008. All these were done because he led the national team to victory when his team won as champion in the Mexican LNBP Northern Division.
Nicoletti is indeed one of a kind Mexican Coach and his full commitment is still being felt around the Basketball arena in Mexico. With the talents like him, Mexico is really a proud Country to have him.

A coach is really one of the frameworks of the Sport Basketball. And as team plays, every tactics and every defence that should be done depends on the game plan of a great coach. So to become a good coach like Nicolletti, a potential coach should know the fundamentals.


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