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Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is a famous entrepreneur. Without him Dallas Mavericks is possibly gone as of now. Let us now talk about who is he as a person and as Dallas Mavericks owner.


Brief information

Marc Cuban Is an American entrepreneur. He is the owner of the NBA basketball team the Dallas Mavericks. Mark Cuban was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and grew up in the Pittsburgh suburb of Mt. Lebanon, in a Jewish working class family. The family’s last name had been shortened from Chabenisky when his grandparents immigrated from Russia to America.


First step into business

Cuban’s first step into the business world occurred at age 12, when he sold garbage bags to pay for a pair of expensive basketball shoes.

While in school, he held a variety of jobs, including bartender, disco dancing instructor, and party promoter. He paid for college by collecting and selling stamps, and once gained about $1,100 from starting a chain letter.


Personal life

In September 2002, Cuban married Tiffany Stewart, an advertising executive, in Barbados, with a wedding reception at the American Airlines Center. Their first daughter Alexis Sofia was born on September 25, 2005; their second daughter, Alyssa, was born in 2007. Tiffany and Mark also have a son born in early 2010. The family lives in the Preston Hollow area of Dallas, in a 24,000-square-foot mansion.


Dallas Mavericks

When Mark Cuban purchased the Dallas Mavericks on January 14, 2000, the face of the organization began to change immediately. Mavericks games became more than just ordinary NBA games – they were a total entertainment experience.

Prior to his purchase of the Mavericks, Cuban co-founded, the leading provider of multimedia and streaming on the Internet, in 1995, selling it to Yahoo! in July of 1999. Before, Cuban co-founded MicroSolutions, a leading National Systems Integrator, in 1983, and later sold it to CompuServe.

Mark Cuban was not only successful at instilling a sense of pride and passion into Mavericks fans by presenting himself as the ultimate role model by cheering from the same seats he had in years past, but he also became the first owner in team sports to encourage fan interaction through e-mail on his personal computer he was so hands on indeed.

It was through this personal touch that fans throughout the Metroplex, and around the world, began to notice Cuban’s energetic personality and take notice of the Mavericks. Mark Cuban’s whatever-it-takes attitude and commitment to winning has everyone’s attention.

From his first introduction to the team to the end of his first season as owner, the players responded with a 31-19 record, including a 9-1 mark in April 2000. In addition to hiring special coaches for offense, defense and shooting, Cuban has promised to do everything in his power to improve the team.

This goal was achieved as the club finished the 2000-01 season with a 53-29 record en route to their first playoff appearance in 11 years where they became just the sixth team in NBA history to be down 0-2 and come back to win a five-game series vs. Utah in Round 1. Today, in addition to his ownership of the Mavericks, Mark Cuban is an active investor in leading and cutting-edge technologies and continues to be a sought-after speaker.


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