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Lithuanian’s Love for Basketball

One reason why basketball became very popular in Lithuania started in the Kaunas, Lithuania whereas the very first game took place in the year 1922.

And the very first friendly match took place just after a year in the hill of Vytautas.

Basketball in Lithuania is not just a mere game. It is not just a past time. It is a part of their culture and it beats for them like it is their heart for their love for basketball are really intact not only in their minds but in their system. Other basketball lovers may show how they cherish their love for basketball by attending a live game of heir favorite team but Lithuanians have different way doing so.

You can notice these Lithuanians in the courtside wearing their flag’s color of Gold, Green and Red in the form of caps, shirts and even small flags which they will wave all throughout the game. They shout out their cheers and routines as the game goes. And one thing is for sure, they will be attending by batches.

Since Lithuanian Basketball teams first brought home awards after competing with other countries it can be undoubtedly said that Lithuania belongs in the list of top performing countries in terms of basketball worldwide championships.

Even though Lithuania have undergone a very tremendous history of colonization from other countries, sports specifically basketball have done a great part to make the country have a great mark in the map of the world.

It is true, that Lithuanians really love basketball to the point that a lot of them will spend their time watching live basketball games even outside the country.

Lithuanian’s passion for Basketball is really big deal for them. It is true, that even Lithuanian basketball team had faced multiple defeat against other countries, Lithuanian’s are still there to show their support and love for the sport and only that, they support their basketball players like they have the same blood. Some of the most tragic times for the Lithuanian basketball team and followers are their lost in the 1995 European final, their very dramatic match against the team of USA in the 200 Olympics whereas they just landed on the second spot and of course their memorable lost against Italy during the 2004 Olympics.

However, these were not the hindrances for them to stop believing. They continued to make things more purposeful for their country and for their people who believes in them. Lithuanian basketball players and people behind worked 2x or greater than what they had have in the past to make the most out of it.

And because of that, they have won several international championships including their triumph as the 1st in the 2003 European Championship and one thing more is when they beat the USA team in the 2004 Olympics.

Up to this point of time, Lithuanian’ are still waiting for their biggest break ever to have in the history of basketball. And now not only the team players but all of the Lithuanians believe in their spirit and love for basketball. As the history for Lithuanian basketball continues, their passion for this sport will remain.

And even though it means that they have to go out of the country, they will make it a point to support their team no matter what. This is the Lithuanian spirit.


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